Lone Wolf Awesome Reels BIG WIN (Coushatta Casino Resort)

Lone Wolf Awesome Reels BIG WIN (Coushatta Casino Resort)

[ad_1] a BIG WIN on a $2 bet playing the Lone Wolf Awesome Reel slot machine at Coushatta Casino Resort on 12/1/2012. [ad_2]

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  1. good job man!

  2. It was an Indian Casino, they took the guy into a back room and he hasn't been seen since, someone found this footage on a camera found lying on the floor of the Casino.

  3. thats badass

  4. Holy cow!!

  5. Hi JD. Sent you message couple days ago. Let me know.

  6. They have several at a local casino where I live. I played this one this past Saturday.

  7. How long ago was this? Still best penny slot win on YouTube!

  8. $34, 461.75 — OMG. Biggest win I've ever seen. Good for you.

  9. That was amazing!!!

  10. Where can I play this Slot Lone Wolf Awesome Reels?????

  11. Sadly this game is not in many casinos anymore because of these big pay outs. I have yet to find one to play.

  12. Absolutely amazing

  13. can't stand your voice but love this win!

  14. FYi, check rajat arora, he got ur video. He should asked permission to share it at least.

  15. Amazing win! I never heard of this machine.

  16. That's pretty epic to get 35,000 on a penny machine

  17. Still the best hit Ever on a $2 bet!! Wow!!! Such great luck!! :))

  18. Such a sick ass Hit.  Amazing!!!

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  20. I Love This Place

  21. Awesome

  22. if u had a 10x at end could ut of been 340k?

  23. Always have to come back and see this video!!

  24. this is amazing! I never seen it before

  25. 桁がw

  26. 34k on a 2.00 bet……WOWSA !!!!!!

  27. This was a really nice hit. I don't think I will ever see one like this again on a none progressive penny machine. I will definitely look for this type of machine in the future.

  28. still soooooo sexy to watch after nearly 3 years

  29. === THAT IS REAL?? 35, 000 DOLLARS O DOLARES=


  30. sounds like poopy

  31. Where Coshita??

  32. keep gambling

  33. And over here in the UK the max win for a £2 bet is £500 in the bookies and £10'000 in a casino for a £5 bet

  34. Wife and I go to the casino way to often. Anyway these "awesome burst" machines popped up suddenly, I know they hadn't been there the week before. We sat down and within 5 spins betting $.80 she won over $900 on a random spin. We decided to immediately leave having been there for only 20 minutes. Anyway, we were back a few days later and they were gone. We searched high and low. Way to large of a payout possibility. Can't have people winning. They were pulled. Never saw them again.

  35. How do we know that's not a dollar machine? I never thought it's possible to hit that much off 2 bucks on penny machine man. Just hitting some hash oil while commenting.

  36. That's unreal I mean 2 dollar bet??? Your be lucky to hit that betting 20 per spin wtf.. amazing win man if I ever get that lucky on slots I'll take a whole month off from work and just smoke weed man fuck

  37. All I can think about is the number of dead spins this game must have in order to handle payouts like that… yikes!

  38. Wow. Think about it. If you got a full screen it would of been massive. $8192000 

  39. I'm over the moon usually with a 500x bonus (betting $2) but holy guacamole a 17000x bonus? Amazing!!

  40. unfuckinbelievable this is like the best hit ive seen on youtube lol 34grands on 2$ loool

  41. RNG

  42. Whenever I want to jizz myself. I always watch this huge win.

  43. On a fucking penny machine….wtf

  44. +Jake Heffernon

  45. I agree low roller..the most unbelievable slot video..tried wolf everywhere after that..lost my shirt never got a big win not even a hand pay..everytime we played it we lost $2-3-400..never had luck..i meqn had burst but nothing major..most hundred plus on burst..money guzzler.

  46. Wow unbelievable! Were you using your players card with this jackpot?

  47. Dude I'd be screaming…….New house here I come!

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