Lord of the Rings slot- Frodo Bonus-Big Win-Mandalay Bay-Xmas Eve

Lord of the Rings slot- Frodo Bonus-Big Win-Mandalay Bay-Xmas Eve

[ad_1] Big win on Lord of the Rings slot Frodo Bonus at Mandalay Bay on Christmas Eve. To read my Las Vegas Trip Reports go to:
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  1. Way to go!  Nice hit!  I can't wait to try this one when I'm in Vegas next month!  Love your videos!!

  2. That is a great win for that machine. Congrates on it. I so wanna get a 3 ring in a roll to get those triggers. 🙂 I rely on these machines to pay for my credit cards. 🙂 Tarzan did an excellent for two months and the Quick Hit did really well for this month for me. Hopefully I do well for next month too. I got my eyes on this LOTR slot machine. Just watching to see how it is, so I am very thankful of your upload of this video… and for sharing with the public.

  3. That was an awesome bonus.. woo hoo..

  4. awesome hit

  5. Great win Diana! Was waiting for the retrigger and 20 more spins 😉

  6. ATTA GURL!!! 

  7. What a great hit at the perfect time! I was in Vegas at the same time and got my butt kicked!! Glad to see someone else had some luck.

  8. Wow, that was an awesome hit with the 3x Wilds. Nice to see a huge win on this!

  9. Very Nice hit my friend !!!

  10. Beautiful hit.

  11. nice hit girl!!! about the best ya could get right??

  12. Great hit!

  13. Beautiful hit Diana.love that game. Wish it was online alas!

    I LOVED your wild me phrase and then it did x3.super video

  14. That was a good bonus. Thanks for sharing.

  15. wow Diana..that was a nice line up on the 3Xwild and the other wild!!.Awesome

  16. WOW!!!  I intentionally didn't look at the time stamp to see the video length, and watched it full screen, so I wouldn't know what was going to happen (if you're at the last 30 seconds of a video, odds are you're not going to retrigger…LOL).  I thought you HAD that retrigger on the last spin.  Oh well — that one hit was AMAZING.  I had no idea it was that much. Can you imagine hitting that in the 30x multiplier spin?  18,000 smackers.  🙂

  17. hi diana im ur biggest fan from germany 🙂 kiss

  18. Nice bonus , Diana ! Not a fan of this slot either but as long as it pays you and you continue with your great videos , I am happy !

  19. What a nice hit!

  20. Brilliant vid love all of you're vids

  21. Well done.

  22. Beautiful

  23. How many more Xmas videos have you been hiding from us =p.

  24. Awesome hit, congrats. Not a fan of this game but you did great 🙂

  25. wow great bonus. i love watching your videos diana! 

  26. Great hit!! that lined up just right. I love that bonus

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