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Lord of the Rings Slot-Frodo Bonus-BIg Win-Max Bet

Lord of the Rings Slot-Frodo Bonus-BIg Win-Max Bet

[ad_1] Lord of the Rings Slot Machine Frodo Bonus-BIg Win-Max Bet played at Cosmopolitan. Look for the big win photo at the end of the video.
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  1. I was playing this last nite. Bet $3.50 got the bonus of 8 spins. Total at the end of $748.00 I was so happy 🙂

  2. Diana, do you play this to make money or more for fun? I can never seem to get amazing wins on this machine at my casino. Thanks -Nate

  3. I was just in Las Vegas and played LOTR Slot and won $70 one one machine but lost on the other ones.

  4. Nice win!

  5. Nice win!! I played this a few days ago and won over a hundred on a .70 bet 🙂 I haven't given it much play even though it's been out for awhile. I've been wanting to try it again!!

  6. Nice!

  7. Great video as always Diana! Congratulations on your excellent wins!

  8. Just reconfirming what I said a few days ago — Galadriel is CLEARLY the best one of the 5 to get. 😀

  9. Diana..that was awesome

  10. Very nice win make em pay!

  11. Diana great video and wow you were killing it.

  12. very nice bonus 😉 I like to see this slot. thanks for post and good job on big win

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