Loreframe: Fortuna & The Solaris

Loreframe: Fortuna & The Solaris

[ad_1] Sorry for the long delay on this one guys, been dealing with some stuff. Hope to have the broader Orb Vallis vid for you soon 🙂

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  1. Will you be doing a separate video on the Ord Vallis itself?

  2. About time

  3. Yay hes back after 4 months

  4. Yay you made another one

  5. Okay the only time I’ve been jealous of Excal prime

  6. DE need to hire you to properly write their lore

  7. I'm fairly certain the reference is Chrono trigger, but sadly I can't quite place where.

  8. I thought ticker was male…

  9. Me: *sad*

    Xayl: *uploads*

    Me: *happy*

  10. Egg

  11. thicker is bae

  12. Ticker is not a she!!!!!!

  13. Love your vids bro

  14. Who's that sinner who disliked?

  15. Glorious

  16. I never noticed that the Solaris’ heads were in their chest.

  17. Well I did find out their is a collapsed Orokin…I think it's highway under the place filled with Orokin…Giant shrimp I found that weird. It was in one of the caves around the area exploded tower.

    Also with all this talk about dept it makes me wonder what is the going rate for a Warframe? I found some talking that some saw a warframe but the guy lost his arm and his friends I I think some of these guys were origional Corpus soldiers. I have no idea why they would dept prison guys who survived an encounter with a Tenno wouldn't that make them more valuable since they could train other corpus soldiers what to expect when fighting them.

  18. Finally after 4 months a new videos

  19. And so it begins…

  20. DAMN BOI ive been waiting for a video thought you were dead

  21. Welcome back <3

  22. Equinox prime

  23. big oof

  24. yes



  26. Two Garudas and a knife

  27. I honestly got concerned that you wasn't going upload glad you proved me wrong.

  28. xayl, ticker is a male

  29. Yaaaaas girls

  30. Please don't leave again 🙁


  32. This is good

  33. Do the orb Vallis & the orb mothers next.

  34. Another excellent video, thanks, one slight point of disagreement though: Pretty sure The Business used to be an spy/assassin/assassin-handler hence Little Duck studying under him and "strategic deletion of life" probably means specific people (I'd guess rival corpus faction higher ups), I can't see how killing cuddly wubbly animals has strategic value as such, the corpus seem mostly interested in them as food or pelts etc. His turn to animal conservation is still pacifist in nature so is a way to atone for all the probably corpus blood on his hands.

  35. Oh, Little Duck and Business? They banged, totally.

  36. Huzzah!

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