Lost Island BIG WIN!!!!! £10 BET!!

Lost Island BIG WIN!!!!! £10 BET!!

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30 комментариев

  1. wow , beautiful my man 😀

  2. I was watching the stream live when this £10 feature landed, and my first reaction was "I hope the bandit is watching"
    Anyway, Get the fudge…..

  3. you streaming tonight Paul?

  4. YouTube has unsubscribe me to you twice within the last week,and I see you've lost loads of subs Paul?

  5. We are waiting a Stream tonight Paul..

  6. Nice nice nice!!!

  7. Get the fudge in there!

  8. Get the fudge in there mate!

  9. Wow just wow

  10. Any stream tonight dude?

  11. New tag line Paul lad:
    Real rock n rolla, he wants a fucking mortgage!!

  12. Mini stream tonight???

  13. ayyyyeee myyy mannnn, caught this live, was epic. would really love for you to do even a small stream this weekend, you are so entertaining. got love for you buddy no homo. see you monday

  14. Nice hit 🙂

  15. Nice one! 🙂

  16. Your reaction was priceless!!! great vid mate, for a second I thought it was real money, very convincing, get the fudge in there!!!!!

  17. Do you work or is this your job?

  18. blasted it. Got to be brave to do tenner spins but Lost Island aint a bad one to hit it on. Now hit the tenner spins on DoA.

  19. Welcome to

  20. well fuck me, lucky bastard 😀

  21. holy cow! wow! 🙂

  22. Beautiful mate

  23. very nice win paul you deserve it , you always make big bets . gl to next stream

  24. Great stuff, mate. Amazing how lucky you are. 🙂

  25. u streaming tonight paul?

  26. Get the fudge in there

  27. myyyyyyyyyy MAN!!!

  28. Your a legend Paul watch every video top man

  29. I peek in on your streams every now and then, but I seem to just miss out on these awesome moments. Still happy for ya buddy! April seems to have treated you quite nicely in total. Or atleast I hope it has!

  30. stream tonight?

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