Lucky 88 Max Bets with Re-Trigger and Big Win!!!

Lucky 88 Max Bets with Re-Trigger and Big Win!!!

[ad_1] Nothing like a lucky feature and getting a feature re-trigger on the first spin! Also, got really lucky with the amount of x88s in the free games!! [ad_2]

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  1. Howcome u can hear 5 dragons free game playing but can’t hear urs

  2. Fabulous win

  3. Playing at home

  4. This is computer not really pokies since in Australia poķies bet isl imited to 5$ probably more then 6 years is like can bet higher only in Crown casino.

  5. Is this the only slot in the casino? It's awfully quiet for a casino.

  6. They weren't kidding when they said 8 is a lucky number in China.

  7. nice to hear someone say "I'm happy with that"

  8. Excelent bonus!!I played only once this machine and did not give me a bonus .. I invite you to see my channel and hope you like some of my videos, greetings.

  9. Insane bet, insane win! Congrats!! Subbed!

  10. Damn that hurts getting X18 if that came up X88 it's around $1600 I think that's happened to me so many fuckin times when I used to play I prefer $3.00 hits when I played I have jagged features on $8.40 though I normally do dice on 8.40s I got all 8 once paid me over $3000 so so so long ago though

  11. Not a bad win…check out some of my vids

  12. take that all day

  13. you beast

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