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Thank you guys for watching!

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  1. Hi Erica, I'm heading that this Sunday and Monday staying in the grand tower. What is the location of the they lucky duck you are playing on this video. Coming from Pflugerville

  2. I like when she says fuck ya hot!

  3. I never have much luck at Chocktaw, do you go during the week or weekends? I wonder if they tighten down the payouts on weekends or what the science is behind it cause I have read about there are algorithms constantly running before you hit the spin button and once you do that decides the outcome. The reels are just for the player to look at.

  4. You got a nasty mouth

  5. I miss going to the choctaw casino here in McAlester Oklahoma

  6. Always take the money and run.

  7. Lucky Ducky is my favorite machine although I’ve never jackpot on one.

  8. do you start on a certain bingo pattern?

  9. What Casino is this?

  10. Do you try the $2 and $5 machines, I'm new to VGT, used to play crap like High Voltage until I saw the light the last 2 weekends ($6K on a bankroll of $900 over two weekends) so now I'm all VGT all the time.

  11. There's a gal posting this video under her name. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zit2kiCCQ_U

  12. Hi Erica, really enjoy watching your wins. I would like to know where I can get a VGT hat ? Would also like to know if you have won any big jackpots, like the $10,000. Lucky Ducky. I went to the casino a couple of weeks ago to play on (my favorite) Lucky Ducky machine and as soon as I got there a man stepped in front of me ,sat down at my machine, bet $3.00 and hit $10,000… made me sick, I knew it should have been mine.

  13. Great fun

  14. question — do you watch the bingo cards as you are playing in order to decide anything about how a machine is doing?

  15. Love VGT machines! Keep having fun!

  16. Nice hits. I've been going to Choctaw for quite sometime now The most i've hit was $26k in one night. But I have sort of gathered a new strategy in which I recently turned $200 into $2700 on the VGT slots. Are you on Facebook? If so, I wouldn't mind talking to you about it to see what your thoughts are. Seems to have worked for me the past 3 trips there.

  17. Returning to Choctaw after a years absence…..can't wait! This looks like an older Lucky Duck, since it isn't wrapped in neon . Is it in the North casino? Beautiful win, Erica!!!

  18. hey miss Erica, I was just watching videos. habit of mine . found one you should see. thought it looked and sounded familiar .
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zit2kiCCQ_U name was Samantha Abernathy.

  19. Oh yeah Erica I forgot to ask your opinion, sorry to bug, would you say that most VGT machines are pretty similar? Or are some better than others? The reason I ask is cause I tried some some different VGT machines while I was there but they didnt really pay on certain situations like when a certain icon came out, like lucky ducky and king of coins amongst others. Just wanted to see if in general you feel they are all pretty much the same or some are a bit better. Thanks Erica, much appreciated 🙂

  20. Hey Erica I just wanted to thank you for your love for VGT machines… I have never wanted to play VGT machines cause they never caught my interest in all my years of gambling….I only played lucky ducky a handful of times but never gave it a real chance….never gave it time. I always leaned toward the more interactive touchscreen slots, like wizard of oz, black knight, willie wonka so on and so on. Those type of slots. But this past Sunday I decided to try my hand at VGT and spend most of my time on VGT machines and very happy I did. Took me a lil while but got nice hits on King of Coins , Bourbon Street and ended my night with an $800 dollar hit on Lucky Ducky. My day was up and down but VGT slots always kept me in the game. Learned red screens are pretty exciting lol. Well thank you again for your vids and convincing me to give VGT SLOTS an honest try. Cant even count how many times I have left casino with empty pockets lol. Good Luck to you and your future VGT adventures :).

  21. Someone (Samantha Abernathy) is using Erica's video as their own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zit2kiCCQ_U …who does that??! I know copying is the highest form of flattery, but dang. She can't make her own videos? Lol.

  22. Oh Fuck yea Lol!!! Nice!!!!

  23. also I noticed you play at Winstar is their a specific area you play in? ive noticed some areas of the casino have looser slots

  24. nice hits! whats the most you've ever won? i hit the jackpot on gems and jewls quarter slot last week!

  25. Do you ever hit up winstar? That's where I usually go and I been lucky on lucky ducky a few times lol

  26. the one I play has a jack pot so it makes it easier to go red lol nice win though

  27. how do you hold the camera? is it your phone. I want to record when I'm there

  28. Good machine, good night. Lots of red screens, the setting was on "high" at that time. You should make a note of what day and time they are this lucky. It will help you out in the future…

  29. good win Erica.

  30. I'm heading to Choctaw tomorrow! My fav's are the Star Spangled Sevens and Money Bags. Hope I hit big. Do you have a strategy on finding the hot machines? Or is it just plain luck? Lol.

  31. Good video. You cashed out at 602.00. Ur I was counting that u actually spun 290 away. But hey guess u gta spend it to get it….

  32. Nice win!!!!
    Texas Lady 🙂

  33. When you play, do you play the same as ones that you have won on before or do you play random machines?

  34. Bingo Bunny baby!! love the ducks! Ever play lucky star in Concho? never lost there.

  35. Not too shabby ..

  36. Love the VGT slots! Nice run.

  37. Nice!! Hands down my favorite machine, I usually play the 2$ machine. Lol last time I went I took a couple hundred and ended up with only 25$ left so I put it in a 25$ lucky duck and hit for 4,000$ if your ever at downstream casino in Joplin Missouri let me know!!!! I go there a lot

  38. I played this exact machine like a couple of days after you…and nothing for me. I could tell it was the same machine because if the lightening strike game you can see on the bottom right lol …I will go back to Chocktaw in about 3 weeks …there are the 50cent red screen machines and those pay!

  39. you have a dirty mouth

  40. Nice,Do you go to winstar ?

  41. Wow! Nice run! I'm going tomorrow hopefully I have your luck! Enjoyed this video

  42. Good win girl!

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