LUCKY HONEYCOMB slot machine *BIG WIN* Bonus with Retriggers -Konami

LUCKY HONEYCOMB slot machine *BIG WIN* Bonus with Retriggers -Konami

[ad_1] This is Konami gaming Lucky Honeycomb slot machine $2.25 bet bonus round with retriggers Big Win.

This game looks like clone of Dragon Law slot but I think 5 wilds pays better.

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  1. Lol 2 bills

  2. wow, lucky you.

  3. That looked fun! Lots of retriggers wow! See I know you'll do well on Dragon's Law if you play it soon 🙂

  4. Looks lika fun game, nice win!!

  5. Konami has so many games with this play out right now — but this is one of the cuter ones. Your honeycomb was really sweet. Good win.

  6. The block is strong with this one, congrats .

  7. Great win!, congrats…

  8. awesome win Blue!! its funny on my screen the outer part of the slot machine lights up just slightly before the retriggers happen lol.. keep up the good work!

  9. Niiice, Blue!! I'm really liking your Konami games! They're are tough! Thanks for sharing! Congrats!

  10. Nice Bonus win Blue !!

  11. WONDERFULL BUDY! You did your duty, over100x, now play more!!!! SPA?

  12. Good win Blue!

  13. nice bonus 🙂

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