Lucky winning poker $ 50.8 million — Mega Big Win

Lucky winning poker $ 50.8 million — Mega Big Win

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  1. Is this real money

  2. 16.28$ after taxes

  3. that was good … like the cyclist who celebrates a win too early and falls off at the line

  4. I doing his for wait what the fuck

  5. rofl curb your enthusiasm song played in my head

  6. Winner win 10 million no 50million is just chips

  7. I got stressed just watching this

  8. so poker is a game of luck right? someone educate me

  9. Crazy!

  10. Do not celebrate to early canada.

  11. Fuck USA

  12. Looool that's why you shouldn't celebrate too early looool
    Waving the flag an everything
    Loool shame

  13. Loooooooool what a smash

  14. Humble, always stay humble.

  15. It is in chips not in winnings

  16. Title is misleading. This I have it a thumbs down.
    Plus this is a tournament. Chips are not worth any money. They are heads up. Both guaranteed Millions at this point.

  17. Why not

  18. 50.8 million chips and not $

  19. 50.8 Mil$ Mega big win 😛 My grandpa saw this video and uses youtube! lol

  20. This is not real money, stupid video. It is just a hand from the WSOP (World Series of Poker), the world tournament which any person can play if you can pay the $ 10.000,00 dollar fee. The winner of this tournament took home aproximetly $ 7 million.

  21. That guy was so confident lol

  22. its real own money ???

  23. Bro I wasn't even paying attention to the 5 I was like how did he won? Haha

  24. Why Did he win / 6-7-8-9 u need 1 more to get a Street right. The other guy had 2 Queens. And other one double 8s

  25. I love it when a arsehole loses!!!

  26. I eat ass

  27. Suck it Canada.

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