MAD MEN™ Slot — BIG WIN! — *MAX BET* — REAL CASINO PLAY! — Slot Machine Bonus

MAD MEN™ Slot — BIG WIN! — *MAX BET* — REAL CASINO PLAY! — Slot Machine Bonus

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Here is the brand new MAD MEN Slot. NO…this isn’t a DEMO…this is a video taken from the Casino. Today, I am sharing a Progressive Win and the Roger Sterling Bonus. Wow, I played this game about 20 minutes … however, it was very profitable for me. I received the bonus feature on my FIRST SPIN. The features aren’t in order in the video. I will definitely be playing this one in the future. I am very anxious to get the Falling Reels Bonus…can’t wait to see how that bonus works. It appears to be lucrative. I hope you thumbs up the video, subscribe and give me some feedback on the game. As some of you are aware, when at the Casino, I tend to be on a mission. If I didn’t spot other «NEW» games, I would have played this one longer. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks!

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  1. not much of a big win there but fun to see all those wilds. i never play slots unless its max bet. not worth it otherwise

  2. I absolutely love the game and my friends and I have done quite well betting only $0.60 believe it or not.  We both have gotten the Don Draper bonus and she with my assistance picked the 50X card and hit for $250 which is not bad for betting the lowest denomination.

  3. Pays cheap for what you're betting!!! All those wilds and you only win $259?

  4. I wanted to like this game, but I did not see one person hit a bonus while I was in Aria.   I hit bonus twice and it all landed on small dollar amount.  

  5. nice, looks fun

  6. Well I love the tv show so I'm definitely intrigued by the slot machine for it. I hope it gets here in loserana I mean Louisiana soon.

  7. The trigger for the bonus was very unique … players have to win at least 5x on a spin.  That should tell players something — there will be a lot of small hits!  🙂  This was a really nice one … fun to see those wilds work out for you.  I played this one at the Venetian as well!  Linked your nice win on Player's Life!  Cheers!

  8. Dang…every time I see a preview vid of a new title, the next day you've got a live one already!  Great picking to keep it going and nice to see those added wilds actually land for you!

  9. Great bonus! Haven't seen this yet but will def try out. Looks fun. Congrats on ur nice win.

  10. I also played this for real at Venetian earlier this week. Sadly my bonus wasn't near a big win, but I do like the slot. Congrats on your win and I'm glad you could show the potential on Mad Men!

  11. what did you think of getting three bonus symbols?????? think that is a bit confusing?

  12. Great finale and real money being won?!?! Congrats to you, never watched this show and by passed it during my last trip so thanks for posting your experience on it! 

  13. Love this and love the show!! Happy to see you get a good bonus, too.

  14. Never seen the show but the slot looks fun! Nice bonus Mike — thx for the video!

  15. Great showing , I have never seen this show but the slot looks fun ..
    Very Good Luck to You !!!

  16. Thanks for sharing this new one! Didn't think it would be out on floors out so fast. Don't know anything about the TV show but I like the slot…especially all those wilds 🙂

  17. I never really cared for the show but that was pretty entertaining. Thanks for sharing, think I'll check t out.

  18. I do like the look of this slot machine. I will definitely play it when I find it. Thanks for the video. Congrats on you real nice win, too!

  19. Wow, that's a bonus, congrats!

  20. Thanks for sharing a new machine and your winning night. Well done!

  21. Looks entertaining at least. With some potential…

  22. no happiness was getting the 39 million dollar progressive on megabucks whoever did like the wild video because it reminds me of what some people think of slot designers who think 38.00 is a big

  23. Very well done Mike, great first look!!! Can't wait to play this, congrats on your win

  24. Where did you play this at? Nice win!

  25. Heh, I knew you would bring the goods with this one. Excited about this game. Great win!

  26. Nice win, all those wilds at max should of paid more….

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