Magus Lockdown…. The New OP One shot any enemy l Warframe Fortuna

Magus Lockdown…. The New OP One shot any enemy l  Warframe Fortuna

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  1. What Im wondering is — does the hp % dmg applies the value to damage as soon as u dropped the mines, or at the moment of explosion itself. If its at the moment of transference (dropping the mines), then you can effectively oneshot them after u applied viral to them. Similar to slash/viral principle. Also — the arcane that pulls enemies towards your frame is amazing aswell. Imagine Gara with 1mil dmg stacked on her 2. Just spam 5, pull enemies within 20m towards you and oneshot them. Or any negative range build with tiny but powerful AoE. Even Limbo with small cataclysm could reliably pull everyone into the middle of his cataclysm. Anyway, all sorts of ideas with these new arcanes, only problem is that they are time-gated. Cant wait to get them all.

    Also — combine this arcane with the one that pulls enemies towards you (because of the small radius). That way your operator can basically do almost any content in this game lol. Just spam 5.. Pull > Drop Mines > Pull > Drop Mines… you get the gist.

  2. dude love this content

  3. Quality content as always

  4. Wat O_o , I didn't even know this arcane existed. Only thing that caught my eye was magus glitch. Everything else was too long to read XD. This looks op

  5. Just the type of content i like to see. Great channel.

  6. Does the vox Solaris arcanes come already made like the ones Zuud sells???

  7. What about magus repair? Only other useful looking arcane of the bunch.

  8. I wish you someday get partnership with DE because you doing good and quality content

  9. You should have more subs and views tbh. So much info

  10. Very cool thanks I'll have to get a set and sell a few for a lot of plat cheers

  11. Nova best frame!

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