Magus Overload…. overlooked? Warframe l Fortuna

Magus Overload…. overlooked? Warframe l Fortuna

[ad_1] I did not mention in the video that if the damage pulse is high enough to one shot a robot the 3 second delay is skipped (so that is kinda nice)

Electric dmg overview [ad_2]

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  1. TLDW: Don't get this arcane, its ok vs a very specific enemy

  2. The problem is more QOL than anything else, as it's only effective against a very specific enemy type and your operator arcanes are in a different screen than your normal loadout, who would remember to switch this minor thing around…already a pain to have to switch my magus arcanes around for eidolon hunting

  3. Eh dual lockdown+magnetic

  4. I'm gonna miss quick attacking with the lacera. But overall, directional ground slams, hildryn, and quick switching sounds nice. I'm also curious how the redeemer prime will feel and other melee weapons that are probably better with our current melee 2.0 quick attacks. Idk, I'm not necessarily excited but nor against it. I'm… curious.

    But where hildryn at thoooo

  5. it's fun to spawn those spider with nekros's 4th abilith 😀

  6. Does it work with the ambulas

  7. judging by that pet name someone likes bloodborne

  8. I like your operator vids

  9. i mean it's ok and all but i still prefer double magus elevate

  10. U should capitalize the first words of ur channel name, it feels off the way it currently is

  11. Does it work against Eidolon ?

  12. I am here per the notification squad.

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