Magus Repair VS Magus Elevate which is better? + Magus Repair gameplay l Warframe Fortuna

Magus Repair VS Magus Elevate which is better? + Magus Repair gameplay l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] 2 amazing healing arcanes for operator which is better?

Well I think its gonna be a matter of play-style + missions type

Repair is better for eidolon fights since you’re gonna be in void mode all the time [ad_2]

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  1. I run 2 magus elevate that 75% is unreliable but that magus repair looks interesting I might gonna farm that boss again.

  2. I like repair better since it’s a guaranteed team heal with 1 arcane and i can use the other slot for something instead of 2x elevate

  3. Repair doesn't heal Duality, right?

  4. Good Armor = Elevate.
    Low Armor = Repair.

    Need Rage or Hunter Adrenaline? = Elevate.
    Vazarin user? = Repair.

    Eidolon hunt = Both.

    Profit Taker = 2 Elevates or Repair + Lockdown.

    Arcane Guardian = Elevate.

    Mr25 — PS4 Player.

  5. Vazarin protective dash mixed 1 of each

    Maxed Protective dash gives 5 seconds of invul to dashed through target, and 60% health over 5 seconds,
    mix that with the 75% chance of 200 health as well as 10% health per second in void mode id say that has the healing potential of 80-90% in 1 use and the 200 most definitely would finish off any other required health

  6. How did u get the blood splatter look?

  7. I have confirmed that MAGUS REPAIR IS CURRENTLY BUGGED TO DO DOUBLE HEALING PER SECOND. So until it is fixed this currently bugged version is easily stronger in most situations! Enjoy it while we can 😀

  8. I used elevate since POE, been good to me but that 75% wasn't reliable for me, repair however heals for me, heals for everyone. So my vote is repair.

  9. Lets say you are not the host and you are using the default key binding: You can use Transference probably only once a second.

    So lets see how much HP a Warframe needs for Repair to be stronger than Elevate.
    2 * 0.75 * 200HP = 300HP per cast
    → 300HP/s

    2 * 0.2 * xWarframeHP >= 300HP/s
    → xWarframeHP = 300/0.4 = 750

    That means if you Warframe has over 750 HP Magus Repait can be stronger than Elevate if your ability to cast Transference is slightly limited.
    The better you can cast Transference the more HP you would need to make it better.

  10. I have 2 set of repair, and it heals me from 1hp to full in 3 sec. Might be a bug, hope they don't fix it.

  11. Is it fixed now? It was overhealing by a lot. No matter what, it would heal me in 3 ticks. But it was weeks ago, when I last tested it in controlled environment. It would never go over 3 ticks, no matter what frame or missing/max HP I had.

    EDIT: Its great during eidolons if ur a VS user. Helps alot. Heals your own frame, while ur waiting through magnetic proc, and others aswell.
    Ah, you mentioned it at the end…
    Also Zenurik pull + repair on Inaros for some minor synergy? Heals you, pulls enemies. Once healed, you got some enemies right in front of you to use your 1 and couple of melee swings. Neat little combos like this make me enjoy the game.

  12. i personally take repair because I dont wan't to break my keyboard spamming 5 haha

  13. I currently only have 1 elevate set so im going to run repair for now instead of crafting a nourish set. That being said once that double resource weekend comes around and i craft another elevate set it wont see much use.

  14. Magus repair only works when u are the host (as of now) , should be fixed later on

  15. Great video, always rock elevate but will def look in to repair.

  16. Magus repair vs mague nourish… Repair all the way. As far as elevate… Idk. 75% chance. Tough call

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