Marine wins 2.8 Million Dollar Jackpot

Marine wins 2.8 Million Dollar Jackpot

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  1. The corporate assassin does not deserve it.

  2. This guy deserves the money good guy

  3. I recommend you take your money out of America dont tell them and invest where you keep it all!!!

  4. In Canada and Many Countries you keep it NO TAX !!!!american gov(not the Catholic true Christians who are good people) the gov who they fuck you for half of your earnings typical zionist masonic jew devils of satan steal anything without paying for it while you slave your ass off !!! Rich pay no tax middle class and poor pay it all!!!! TIME TO KILL THE ZIONIST SYSTEM DEAD!!!

  5. Yeah he will see like 1million of it after taxes I hate the fucking government

  6. Quando fai soldi , subito le iene ti girano attorno…

  7. How much tax did they take out of that?

  8. if you think he left with a $2.88 million check you are wildly mistaken. The jackpot was a 20 year annuity. If the bloke decided to cash in the annuity, the settlement firm would take 50% off the top, leaving about $1.44 mill… with roughly a 42% combined Federal/State tax rate , he would only net $835,000

  9. Sorry machine multifunction

  10. da.xarash

  11. Wasn't that a penny machine? He was playing $2 a bet… It seems odd! I saw a video of a lady claiming that the machine said she had won something like 4 million dollars or so and the casino said that, there was a malfunction with the game… And she was not going to get any money and they offered her just a steak dinner…I wonder if they paid this guy?

  12. How much did they with hold for taxes? CONGRATS on the HUGE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Esse povo não ajuda 270 mil visualizações poderia ser 270 inscritos

  14. Thx for your service. Congratz on your windfall. Cheers!

  15. Congratulations !!! Do good with it.

  16. Thank you for your service!!

  17. Some dependapotamus is going to be really fucking happy.

  18. Congrats. I hope you get some good financial advice on managing your winnings. Congrats and thank you for your service.

  19. From Las Vegas Sun newspaper:

    Feb. 19, 2012: Alexander Degenhardt, a 26-year-old U.S. Marine, won nearly $2.9 million on the Money Vault Millionaires Seven slot at the Bellagio. Degnhardt had been in training at Nellis Air Force base and went to the casino with some buddies on their last night in the city. He slipped in $100 and said he'd never won more than $200 before hitting the biggest Las Vegas jackpot from a Bally Technologies game in recent memory. Total: $2,882,808.32.

  20. Yessssss!!!!!!!!congruts!!!!wish me luck toooooo

  21. I make that much in a day dude.

  22. Wouldn’t it be great if he’s also a biologist? Then he could say he’s a marine biologist.

  23. Minus the taxes he gets about $600,000 overall

  24. Sorry machine malfunction no pay for you haha

  25. omg

  26. Fake

  27. FAKE

  28. Well deserved



  31. Wow!

  32. Couldn't of happen to someone better !!!! Respect and good fortune my friend

  33. You blow it all on booze and hookers yet?

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