MASSIVE HIT on Nordic Spirit Slot Machine!! BIG WIN!!

MASSIVE HIT on Nordic Spirit Slot Machine!! BIG WIN!!

[ad_1] Awesome hit playing Nordic Spirit at the El Cortez in Las Vegas!! Came out of nowhere!! Enjoy!!!


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34 комментария

  1. My favorite game of all time, hard to find anymore……thanks for sharing.

  2. Hätte mehr sein können

  3. Wow what a line hit!!

  4. Great stuff pretty lady.

  5. Wow so there was an add I skipped with that other slot player. (No name to mention) SLOTLADY did you know your competitor is putting an add on your video?

  6. Well done, thought you we're about blow $300, then you got that awsome line hit, congratulations.

  7. 6:09 i thought i heard a kitty kat "Meow" oh oh SlotLady is getting "RoWdY"

  8. Yes slot lady keep going

  9. breaking protocol that third 100 $ is not ur normal gamble style, and the title said big win so i held my judgement and continued watching and boom full screenish imagine the bonus 100 spins with full screens 🙂 yikes brick wall ? rick wall??? waterfall do u think i u got it all

  10. I enjoy watching you play but the first time I saw you on twitch I said hello and someone named Jenny’s 1996 or something like that banned me

  11. your face when you won ahahahahahahahaha pure smile,,,

  12. nice hit

  13. 5 for 100 spins, wow

  14. That was an awesome video. Great job. Steve and Jayne

  15. You sooo hawttt!

  16. I was just about to say man what a bust until the 10:44 mark. We will be visiting sin city this month, staying at the luxor. I watched it being built but never stayed there so we shall give it a shot.

  17. Nice win

  18. Who needs bonuses with line pays like those?

  19. Nice win

  20. Well, it took a while, but your patience paid off! Nice going!

  21. Te amo LOVE. .ven a peruvians

  22. You don't often go to the third hundred—glad it worked out. I think it got "personal", you against the machine—and YOU WON!…this time…hehehe

  23. Sweeet.

  24. Alriteeeee that's what I'm talking about hahahaha

  25. Head and check MG Slots 21 out he needs subscribers he's awesome his winz are out the gate please go and check his slots out you will be surprised on his winnings he deserves a lot if subscribers by the hi slot lady awesome wins

  26. What did TLC say?Waterfalls never helped much. Nice win on the ladies.

  27. Oh man  4:38 was just so mean!  I wouldnt have blamed you had you thrown an "F" bomb.   Actually, I love it when you talk dirty.  anyway, great win!!!

  28. Budget saving hit !! sweet

  29. Thats what Im talking bout!!!

  30. That hit saved the day right there ! Sometimes they come when you least expect it !

  31. Holy @#!$! love those games.Especially like the double screen 1's.massive line hits 🙂

  32. Wow 1st spin hit then a desert of near misses on bonus rounds an then Bam awesome line hit !!! Roller coaster video … I would of chickened out after the 2nd hundred lol Well Played Again ! 🙂

  33. groovy

  34. Wow I was for sure you lost that one.

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