MATCHED 3 SYMBOLS! NO WAY! Lottery Ticket Scratch Off Big Win!

MATCHED 3 SYMBOLS! NO WAY! Lottery Ticket Scratch Off Big Win!

[ad_1] MATCHED 3 SYMBOLS! NO WAY! Lottery Ticket Scratch Off Big Win! This lottery ticket scratch off session showed some lucky lottery ticket scratch off strategies. If you enjoy the lottery ticket scratch off videos and seeing a lottery ticket scratch off win make sure you let us know you enjoy seeing lottery ticket scratch off winners. What are your favorite lottery ticket scratch cards? How much money have you won on a lottery ticket or scratch off? Have you ever had a scratch off ticket big win on any scratch off tickets? Our best scratch off tickets big win came tonight with this scratch off win. This scratch off winner netted us multiple times our initial investment. The winning lottery ticket we bought from the lottery produced a big lottery win this time, but will we get another lottery win if we try again? This will not be the last time you see us scratching off lottery tickets!


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36 комментариев

  1. The luck of the Trump coin! <3

  2. That was fun

  3. Team effort is good

  4. Way to mislead with the cover picture

  5. The tickets of Amber good Idea teamwork

  6. Good luck to both of you guys like the best ticket win

  7. I'm going for number two

  8. yup, for the lottery, over 50% is goooooddd, but yeah, definitely not keeping $15 lol.

  9. I think it was Jeremy who said they changed the rules about background music. They aren't so strict about it now. You didn't talk about this in this video but I just heard you mention copyright strikes on your live video.

  10. I really don't know why I watched this only reason was to keep supporting the channel hope u get a unit soon n have better luck

  11. That's better then nothing

  12. Looks like fun, but too stressful.for me! Great win!

  13. Glad to see you guys scratching lottery tickets again..

  14. Newby here are you guys Brother and sister or girl- boyfriend or married and who is baby Jebus

  15. Great job this us fun

  16. Good morning guys pray the best

  17. Download the lotto app and enter in the second chance.

  18. I hit a thousand on 1 ticket that I purchased in Ohio 2 weeks ago.

  19. Your suppose to be cheering for her, I know I was

  20. Keep track of what you spend and what you win……:)

  21. gambling winnings are not taxed in New Zealand, they are taxed at ticket purchase.

  22. If you insist on betting go to church bingo or volunteer fire department fundraisers. That way the money goes to a good cause. Regular lottery can't be going to where they say it is. In America schools make students and teachers buy supplies for art and daily learning.

  23. Amber

  24. I held my breath while you scratched. Thanks for scratching quickly lol. Glad you won. Love watching you guys.

  25. When are you guys moving back to Virginia?

  26. Team Amber!!!!

  27. In Ontario Canada we don't pay taxes on lottery wins

  28. Just a suggestion on the previous message I love your videos anyway keep on rocking you to

  29. You guys should try the coin pusher things, Jeremy and George have been winning big time off of those

  30. With Amber you can't lose!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I'm going with Team Jeamber

  32. Team amber

  33. Hi all. Amber for the win!

  34. Amber

  35. Jeb

  36. Come on Amber!!! Kick his butt!!!! LOL

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