MAX BET BIG BIG WIN — OLD SCHOOL COOL [Slot Machine Max Bet Big Win Bonus]

MAX BET BIG BIG WIN — OLD SCHOOL COOL [Slot Machine Max Bet Big Win Bonus]

[ad_1] I’m VegasLowRoller and this is my MAX BET BIG BIG WIN — OLD SCHOOL COOL [Slot Machine Max Bet Big Win Bonus] video.
Filmed at the Fiesta Henderson Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Outro Music (used with permission): «Vegas Baby» by Jesse Allen Harris. Buy it on iTunes:

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  1. i like that kitty too.

  2. Awesome bonus and win .. we will have to see if there are any of those slots left in Vegas ..

  3. Nice run. Thank you so much for showing us old school machines. They are so hard to find now days. Great bonus.

  4. um wouldn't three jugs be considered a deformity. just saying. lol

  5. I like watching all these videos so when I go to the casino I know what to play — I started watching these about a year ago — less talking would be fine with me lol but you have nice videos, at least your not as annoying as those two guys that use the F bomb every other word,,,,,,,,, ugh,,, I love playing Miss Kitty at Foxwoods, and More Hearts — gotta find more sticky Wilds they keep removing them from the Casino like Harvest Moon — that was my go too Slot Machine — they took them out — Thanks for posting!

  6. Your excitement at every spin is priceless

  7. Here wE go guys Lol

  8. Good job dude haha

  9. I watch just to hear your voice lol

  10. YOur commentary and laugh is so funny.

  11. I just love jugs

  12. How much money did you put on the Rumble Reels machine??

  13. Nice win !

  14. I'd like to see more of these Rumble Reels.

  15. You are the best and probably the funnest! Congrats on the win and thanks for the video.

  16. thats really a nice game….keep it real…nice win


  18. That was fun. : )

  19. That call of the Wild look fun! Never seen it b4!! Such a fun collection!

  20. Always enjoy watching you play. Looking to see you play HOT HOT 8 or Rhino. I think  Rhino is same as Far east fortunes and another game you play, the one you won that huge handpay on for 80 cents bet…Can't remember the name. Coming this week, are you going to be playing on the strip?

  21. That was brilliant! Well done

  22. hey VLR I'm going to Vegas next month and was wondering what casino is good for slots and also blackjack…I'm hoping since ur local, you could give me the scoop. thx!

  23. First time I'd heard of that first game. Seems pretty cool. I like that Rumble Reels game — played it a few times. It's nice that you can trigger the bonus and that feature at the same time! Congrats to the best!

  24. I have found a couple at the Boulder Station, Palace Station, and Binion's but no more found, please if you can, Thanks

  25. Hi, If your in Vegas, I'm looking for a machine that is called Quad Slots, it is if you get five a kind and the last letter or picture has a frame around it, you win Mini, Maxi, or progressive Jackpot, hope you can help me find this machine. Thanks

  26. instead of "dances with wolves" your nickname can simply be "3 jugs"

  27. That is the coolest game ever! I have never seen it here. Keep the the videos Love them and you!

  28. Best in the world definitely one for your resume. Great fun as always thanks again.

  29. The game with the jugs is really fun. Why have I never seen it before?!

  30. Nice hit looks like a good game to play…

  31. Love watching Rumble Reels. I can't say I've seen that game anywhere here in So Cal. Btw, why is it with your videos, I don't mind watching those long ads? Lol. With others, I just can't wait to "skip ad"! Enjoyed this vid, as usual VLR! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hey VLR — thanks for showing us your jugs! lol

  33. Great video. I tell you the pays on these old machines put the pay tables on the new machines to shame. The new games seem to take your money a little slower but there aren't many big hits. I love watching the old games. We lost most of the old machines in Hurricane Katrina. Can't wait to get back to Vegas, baby. lol Thanks.

  34. yay "sexty nine dollars" 😀

  35. Yep VLR You ARE the Best in the WORLD :)…Fun Video Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Great bonus at the end, congrats! It's not everyone who can say the are the best in the world at a game but I believe you. 🙂 Love the Miss Kitty Gold too!

  37. such a nice game, unfortunately so hard to find. there are not many of them, probably thats the only one available.

  38. "Let me show these people 3 jugs!" Then we only get a pair of jugs….lol

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