MAX BET! BIG WIN! — Buffalo Legends Slot Machine Bonus — Aristocrat

MAX BET! BIG WIN! — Buffalo Legends Slot Machine Bonus — Aristocrat

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My first installment of Buffalo Legends by Aristocrat. Very pleased with my bonus feature and I intend on playing this more in the future. I have a video in my vault, however, it was a lot of spins ending with under 100x on Max bet. This feature presented well. Also, I have a little story inside. Thanks for watching and Enjoy! [ad_2]

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  1. which casino?

  2. Lol its one thing to get caught but if they said to delete the video I'd say F off and I'd never go back there, a rent a cop isnt gonna tell me what to do with MY property. Great bonus man!

  3. 0:16 Hahahaha security fail good job Shin 🙂

  4. Lol!! Eww dumb Jerks! Good for you!

  5. im a security guard but if i worked in a casino and you filming the screen i don't see a problem with that but if you were filming people and walking around with a camera then there's a problem

  6. You mean the men in blue, wearing a yankee baseball hat aka securty?

  7. This is the slot I got a handpay on about 3 weeks ago betting the same amount as you… Got Buffalo X 3 wilds then it just kept hitting. I was shocked. I've done well, but never that well.
    Wolfy 🙂

  8. Only one Radetzky in 62 spins? Oh well, still not a bad bonus.

  9. Last week I got almost a full screen of buffalo while playing fifty cents, gave me about 350.

  10. My daughter and I have been following you for a long time never commented, had to do it this time, what they don't realize you help us to choose and make us aware of up coming machines great help to us, we love love your videos you actually help the casinos in doing this keep up the good work we have several closing here in the south enjoy watching thanks so much

  11. A couple of security guys are probably subscribers.  Nice bonus.

  12. the other night  somethng told me to play  the 4  way machine  all buffalo… and i did and i was  like wow  when i had a screen filled  with buffalo and it  gave  me 3.00  times  104 and a few  nights b4 it was all buffalo and  2 screens  IN the  bonus  for  1000.00

  13. You take the best videos, yours are always fun to watch. Your the coolest!)

  14. I had to stop filming my WOZ Rubby Slippers win also by security at the Showboat in Atlantic City,NJ. Got most of the win. Check it out on my channel.

  15. nice win!

  16. This game is at all of the popular Casinos. If you need info on a particular casino, PM me.

  17. Wow. Congrats Penny…and thanks for sharing your story!

  18. love this game. I won $730 bucks on this game last week

  19. At my local in Pennsylvania, a Premium player is allowed to "cap" "shut down" "hold", etc. a machine for up to 2 hours…so he/she can go eat, take a break etc. Lately, this rule seems to benefit the older machines and not the newer ones. So, that message is in regard to shutting a machine down. Hope this answers your question.

  20. Eman, sometimes you will see 'signs' or other advertising on top of slot machines. they are called 'cappers' I am sure you have seen them. Sometimes they are called 'toppers'. You can search for them on eBay if you are not sure what I am talking about. It's just signage (usually heavy signage) for the game.

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