MAX BET BIG WIN! Dragons Law Slot Machine Bonus ~ Konami Slots

MAX BET BIG WIN! Dragons Law Slot Machine Bonus ~ Konami Slots

[ad_1] Max Bet on Dragons Law Slot Machine Bonus Round. Got a 4 symbol bonus trigger for 12 free spins. Dragon normally makes 2-3 appearances per bonus, so it’s expected that it shows up. Interestingly, the dragon sometimes appears after the spin is completed too!

Slot Machine: Dragon’s Law by Konami
Denom: 1c penny
Total Bet: $3.00


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  1. very nice win…….. i played this type last year only for 30c a spin. got a full screen of wilds for i think $300. meanwhile the wife was playing another one for 25c a spin, she saw me winning so leaned back on her seat, lost her balance and grabbed the machine to steady herself…….. hit max bet by mistake and surprise surprise got a decent spin netting herself $420.
    she stitched me up something rotten and grassed on me to our twin girls, needless to say i was broke when they heard about it, another shocker was when she didnt mention her win

  2. love the videos but next time can you skip the count of the wins so we could see more play Instead of letting the money count on its own

  3. That last spin was freakin awesome — Congrats!!!

  4. Now that's wat I like to see

  5. Do you have a better chance of winning by playing max bet?? I can never win but Mabe it's because I don't play max bet what do you think???

  6. Looks like fun, I want to find this one and play it.

  7. The only thing that could of been better is if you would of got a shot of the hot chick asking questions……lol

  8. I love this game! Play it whenever I see it! Great bonus.

  9. I love this game but never a big wager.maybe I should try.congrats,

  10. That was very nice bonus. Well done. Congrats.

  11. FABULOUS win!!!!!  My mom plays this game all the time and loves it!!  😀

  12. I've never had them do it after a spin, it's always does it before

  13. Wow, what a hit!  Love this game.  Congrats and thanks for showing

  14. Beautiful

  15. Nice

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