Max Bet! Bonuses + Re-Triggers on Monopoly BIG MONEY Reel! Nice WIN!

Max Bet! Bonuses + Re-Triggers on Monopoly BIG MONEY Reel! Nice WIN!

[ad_1] Great run of Bonuses and Re-triggers on this session of Monopoly Big Money Reel at the El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!

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  1. I played this same machine yesterday, the payouts on max bet are kind of weak. I got a ton of the little bonus rounds but they never seemed to really do much.

  2. Too bad you didn't get the 1000 bill on the last spin of free spins, cha ching!!!

  3. umm since u got me interested any videos coming from there —as i know zilch about toronto since i have a new neighbor from there whos father i knew i better investigate in a friendly way i suppose plus what else i got to do enjoy watching you is cool i admit

  4. hi there so where are you,,,,,,any updates ummm whats next

  5. That looked fun.  Congrats!!

  6. I play it in iPad

  7. Well done slot lady a wins a win.

  8. Still on those 1cent slots huh!

  9. Nice win Sarah!!
    Thank you for another great video.

  10. I thought playing slots for a living wasn't a thing I see now Its not that bad but it's not good either

  11. Game's like "Great Bonus" She's like "Meh"! Lol

  12. Nice win sarah double or nothing.

  13. Morning from the uk nice little win xx

  14. Grrr. you monopolize my heart

  15. Hi Sarah. Another great video. Keep them coming xx

  16. I always like the monopoly machines. They dont always win alot but fun though.

  17. Having $100, of monopoly is great, as this machine will never pay back. Congratulation

  18. Hi Sarah great win…….. i was lucky enough to bump into Sarah in Vegas one week ago a truly beautiful special hard working lady if you haven’t already subscribed please do doesn’t cost a penny good luck Sarah

  19. I won the treasure chest 100,000 last month on that same exact machine at the Cortez!! Great casino!

  20. Hmm… shout to Francine on Patreon huh? Wonder if that's Lady Luck HQ??? She mentioned in a recent video about toying with the idea of getting on Patreon and wanted our feedback on it. 🙂

  21. 🙂 🙂  Best of luck on the next game. 🙂 🙂

  22. Love ya Sarah

  23. Where do you recommend online slots?

  24. That's a fun game Glad you doubled your money on it.

  25. Hey that was a good round!

  26. Go Go Go Sarah! WOW…so many re-spins. great job. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  27. Nice bonus wins. At least Mr. Monopoly shared his wealth with you.

  28. Haha I was missing you! Didn't know if you were going to post today.

  29. I just hit the Grand jackpot on Buffalo Grand. You should play that!

  30. Hi Sarah nice play and good to see you in your comfort zone xx

  31. I like your videos. Win, win and win more money. THANKS

  32. Not to bad game girl

  33. Love the music on the Monopoly game ….Love Glenn Miller

  34. Did you moved to Vegas and do you live in The El Cortez?

  35. Nice bonuses!

  36. Sarah..thanks for all your hard work!..your channel is thriving!…(btw ..can we get a online slot play /weekly update on Youtube?…Twitch is great…but a Youtube at times would be a treat..thanks)

  37. Mo money!

  38. Hey slot lady watching all the way from Scotland

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