Max Bet! (EYE OF ODIN) Progressive Bonus | Big Win! (SPIN IT GRAND!)

Max Bet! (EYE OF ODIN) Progressive Bonus | Big Win! (SPIN IT GRAND!)

[ad_1] Max Bet! (EYE OF ODIN) Progressive Bonus | Big Win! (SPIN IT GRAND!)
At Red Hawk Casino, Thought I would just throw a $20 in «EYE OF ODIN» to see what would happen at max bet, hit this bonus and doubled my money! This was by best hit ever on «SPIN IT GRAND!» and it was during a live stream and I wanted to share it with my views that don’t like to watch live streams or haven’t had the time to watch the replay but still want to see my big wins or those that just want to relive that moment. Enjoy!!

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  1. Lmao .I was like you excited when saw that major hit lol oh well take it bud .nice run on it

  2. I'm so sad I missed this live play. I hope to catch you soon. You and Slot queen sounded like you were having fun. lol My local doesn't have Spin It Grand but hope to play it one day. Missed what was going on with Blake Shelton too. lol Have a good week.

  3. I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing

  4. Nice wins mate love seeing you win

  5. great bonus on spin it grand!

  6. That was a nice win — $125. I didn't know this was a re-recording of live spins when I chose to watch it — I hardly ever watch live stream videos because so much of it turns out to be looking at nice pictures of the carpets when changing games, and greetings and thank yous to people I don't know. I like edited videos with just the good stuff to watch. This game was okay — lots of good stuff for a 50 cent bet. Got to admit — I don't understand this "shady business." lol

  7. Another fun video man i still laughed when you threw that shade at slot queen lol but hey wondering are you ever going to make lanyards or anything

  8. odin looked interesting

  9. Loved the Spin it Grand you did really good most people don't you must have the right GREAT

  10. not a bad double up on odin

  11. I remember that live, it was great. Your millions of fans are waiting for the next one! I hope you love us enough to go live again soon. Take care, slowpoke!

  12. Eye of Odin was interesting, I never play those. Nice job on Spin it Grand!!

  13. fun run!

  14. THAT WAS A GREAT LIVE glad you cut this clip out to show us!!

  15. Great video mr Slow

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