**MAX BET** KRONOS slot machine 25 spins BONUS BIG WIN!

**MAX BET** KRONOS slot machine 25 spins BONUS BIG WIN!

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  1. Impossible game, 95% of the bonus never pay shit

  2. this game never pays like this at the casino's in my neighborhood, I be lucky to get 20.00 dollars out of a bonus and only the minimum

  3. What a bs bonus with all them spins 🙁

  4. of course in las vegas …here in miami they are stealing money from people machines are sooo bad

  5. Nice win. Everybody seems to like to see you win — you obviously have a lot of friends cheering you on. Keep it up.

  6. Super Nice Win Blue Congrats!! Hey wasn't that 35 Spins with the Re trigger???
    You can Rock this machine like Crazy!!

  7. No worries thanks anyway… you should try the Pelican one.

  8. Aww… every machine likes you lol Miss Kitty, is adorable just treat her well 🙂 that one you mentioned I also like that one good luck if you play it.

  9. Excellent win Blue! can you play Miss Kitty, the old version with your luck I know you will come out a winner.

  10. I've noticed in some of your most recent videos that you were not playing with a card. Do you ever play with one? I love the comps I get from playing with my card, but I also feel they control more of what you win while playing with one. I am thinking about starting to play without one. Any advice? Thanks and awesome win!

  11. Nice win. Blue!  Hope things are good with you!

  12. Very nice Blue, no SPARKLE show but a good win for your bet, congrats

  13. Good one!  I notice you played on the Game Chest, have you tried Nordic Spirit recently?

  14. Nice one! Max bet is kind of uneven….$2.40? I'm assuming that's 6x at 40 lines….kinda different to me. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Stunning! Does Spa Casino in PS allow open filming. Will b there 9/20. It's blazing hot there now 118 degrees!

  16. WOW!!!!!!!
    ITS HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hell yea nice one, congrats!

  18. Very nice Kronos! Nice thumb too 🙂

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