MAX BET! — Sun and Moon — *Big Win* — Slot Machine Bonus

MAX BET! — Sun and Moon — *Big Win* — Slot Machine Bonus

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Sun and Moon Slot Machine Bonus

Here we go again! Another Sun and Moon Slot Machine Bonus feature. I need not do any introductions for this one…if you are into the Sun and Moon features, you will enjoy this one as well. Thank You for your support. Don’t forget to thumbs up, subscribe, favorite and share. Enjoy!

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14 комментариев

  1. awesome

  2. Nice, congrats

  3. No One & I mean No One can  open a can of crazy on this machine like You can LOL :0 YAY!!! Very Good Luck To You Always !!!

  4. Do u spend all your money at the casino or just most of it

  5. I really like the new games that you introduce to us, but I love the old games that you pick back up. You do really well on the slots I would love to see the konami's again china shores, mystery, la d amoire, quest for riches especially that one if you are feeling it thanks and keep on slotting good job.

  6. Hey mike I just was at mil lacs grand casino I played a new one same style as Jackson it was zz top it has a decent pay out but hard to get in it

  7. If the myan template or pyramid thing on reel 2 turns to something you win with, do you get a multiplier or anything? If not what is the point of the dumb thing? 

  8. Nice trigger and win! You can easily tell what games a player enjoys playing by looking at their bet size :-).  I spent the afternoon playing poker and got done and was ready to leave. BUT….after seeing your video, I decided to throw in some money into a S&M machine (the progressive was very high) but it whooped my ass. No S&M love for me this time LOL.

  9. Sun/Moon master at it again!  I tried Mike and CANNOT get a thing on these, nice win on the bet size, congrats!

  10. not too bad, I hate this game usually. Never have any luck on it.

  11. How much is the trigger pay for 4 symbols?  And yea, at max bet, I'd take any bonus!

  12. Could've been better but better than nothing especially at max bet. You should try to find Sun and moon Total eclipse. That one has progressives on it.

  13. Nice bonus Mike on a game I've always avoided. One of these days. 🙂

  14. Not bad! But, I could see where the machine was holding back on hitting some nice combinations during the bonus. This seems to be the norm nowadays.

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