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This week I am featuring MAX BET Slot Bonus features from two of my favorite games. If you are paying close attention, you will figure at least one of the games out. Hope you enjoy the features. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, share, subscribe and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Nice win. Congrats

  2. People who play $5 on 1cent are the stupidest people in the world. The machine shits all over you by dropping $10 minis

  3. get it Mikey — get the casinos a$$

  4. Congratulations On That Win

  5. LL max bet 25$

  6. love sun and moon had 65 spins on 2 cent machine 2 dollar bet paid 675 it was fun

  7. Very nice collection of wins on big bets! That 5 symbol trigger lined up nicely for a sweet trigger payout, spins were tough though. Great to see that game still giving up big wins for you!

  8. Congrats Love

  9. i want to invite you our for our Youtube las vegas meet up. I really hope you can make it out. It would be great to get together and play some slots! We need to tear it up. We have a lot of other youtubers coming as well and we would love to have you! Here is the link for the sign up. I also posted it in the Facebook groups. Please let me know if you want to attend. Everything is going to be comped and someone is going to win a free cruise!

  10. nice bro

  11. Sun & Moon again?! Just kidding lol! Gotta love the classics especially when they still have some life in them particularly when the new slots don't do anything.

  12. Wow awesome wins on LL and Sun & Moon! Congrats!

  13. We are loving the intro Mike. Great LL The Sun And Moon 5 symbol trigger was great.Thanks for sharing

  14. I love 5 Bonus symbols on Sun & Moon ! Max bet was works !
    Way to Go Mike !! Sweet !!

  15. Why are casinos still letting you in?
    If I'd spin on 5 bucks I'd been broke for years.

  16. So very happy for you. Congrats.

  17. Those Lightning Link games are very addictive — people can't seem to stop playing them. There were a lot of nice wins — too bad there will never be that full screen jackpot. The old Sun and Moon game was nice to you too … much nicer than it ever was to me. : )

  18. Beautiful wins nj

  19. Fantastic Mike !!! love when you win, and do not have to "sign up" super !!!!!  Now keep it up !!! lol

  20. Very sweet! I was hoping you would get a re-trigger on the last one. Did well tho.

  21. nice max bets! cheers from greece bro

  22. Why are you videotaping with your right hand? Wouldn't it be easier to hold the camera in your left hand and work the machine with your right hand? LOL great videos!

  23. Nice session, thanks for sharing. I'd like to see you play Gold Bonanza again. Thanks

  24. Nice collection! I'm waiting for that full screen! Lol

  25. Very NICE! Thanks for posting.

  26. parx? the first game u played i feel is alot harder to bonus n compared to other lighting link

  27. I know slots are random but that sun and moon bonus seemed way too tight… as if giving you five wilds was enough… usually hits 100x without lining em up!

  28. I'm a great fan yu are so good ty for sharing

  29. Nice wins! Congrats Mike!! 🙂

  30. The link was pretty good to you. I still find sun and moon incredible boring with bad graphics 🙂 No wonder there is no follow up for it, at least I haven't seen one

  31. Congrats Love

  32. Very nice wins Mike! a BIG congrats to you!

  33. So I do love the Moon & Stars game so much.

  34. I loved watching you win. I want to go play too.

  35. Sweet

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