Max & Ruby: Max’s Balloon Buddies / Ruby’s Penny Carnival / Ruby’s Big Win — Ep. 47

Max & Ruby: Max’s Balloon Buddies / Ruby’s Penny Carnival / Ruby’s Big Win — Ep. 47

[ad_1] 47a Max’s Balloon Buddies (Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe) Ruby can’t wait to see all the gorgeous flowers at the Flower Festival, but first Max sees Mr. Huffington making ballon animals, and he wants a «Balloon!» A series of accidents causes Max’s balloons to burst, so they keep having to return to Mr. Huffington. By the time they finally get to the flowers, the festival is closing, so Ruby thinks she won’t see any gorgeous flowers, until Max gets Mr. H to make a beautiful flower out of a «balloon!»

47b Ruby’s Penny Carnival (Bernice Vanderlaan) – Ruby, Louise and Valerie are setting up a penny carnival in the backyard to earn money for a Bunny Scout field trip. Max keeps getting in the way with a monster mask, his toys bats and spiders and other things that are “Scary!” Ruby asks Max to get his icky toys out of the way, but when the carnival gets going, the biggest line-up is for the monster house Max has created, because everybunny loves things that are “Scary!”

47c Ruby’s Big Win (Paddy Granleese) – Max and Ruby are at the Fun Fair, and Ruby wants to win the basketball toss because the prize is a goldfish. Max tries other games and he always manages to “Win!” different prizes. When Ruby finally wins the goldfish, Max has won everything she needs to give it a nice home.

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  2. 6:14 Hey Candi is there how come she isn't doing anything?! Oh well I'm just pointing it out because she could've have helped them move the balloon carefully from the jar but it's just the whole point of the episode.

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  4. You are not person ruby.

  5. ruby- mr. krabs
    Max- plankton
    Louise- spongebob
    Valerie- Patrick

  6. my favourite part is when ruby and Louise got scared in Max's haunted house and they see the door getting,closed seeing a flashlight swing, a rubber spider scaring them, a pumpkin wearing overalls and max doing a jumpscare in a rubber snake

  7. 장난꾸러기 맥스 똑똑한 루비

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  9. Dora and Kate have to save the Littlest Piggy in Puppet Land in Time For Their Puppet Show

  10. Holy Crap Those 3 Kids Spoke Lou

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  12. your freaking dancers

  13. well done max your dancers

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