Maxx Crosby: "We got a big win, so that's all that matters" | Raiders

Maxx Crosby: "We got a big win, so that's all that matters" | Raiders

[ad_1] Defensive end Maxx Crosby spoke with reporters in the locker room following the Raiders’ 31-24 win over the Colts during Week 4.

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32 комментария

  1. Was my dude really wearing nike shoes lol

  2. Hell yeah if u cant get sacks hit him swat the ball or turnovers from the D-Line hella of a job CROSBY you got a high motor that dont stop that’s exactly what we needed on our defense

  3. Joyner did okay. He didn’t get called on a clear defense PI and they didn’t choose to challenge it. That was on our side of the field. And then a player or two later actually gets called for it this time.


  5. The man…

  6. Carr got his revenge on the colts.

  7. AB gone Burfict gone. Now let's get rid of incognito. Also CARR will never take the Raiders to a playoff. Overpaid & Overrated!

  8. Raiders 1st rounder-Cleland Ferrell
    Cowboys 1st rounder-Josh Jacobs
    Bears 1st rounder- Jonathon Abram

    Regardless of next years picks, I’d say dealing away Mack and Cooper to save 40m a year, fill needs and acquire the talent we currently have and will get in the future…i’d say we did fine. Max Crosby was a cherry-on-top pick, nice work Mayock.


  10. Here's the shirt (Google this): Men's Oakland Raiders Black Floral Woven Button-Up Shirt

  11. Is this guy from Detroit cuz he got a motor on him

  12. We're not beating Chicago.

  13. We got the win and that's all that matters. Huge game for Mad Maxx! Look forward to seeing what he can do the rest of this season

  14. Mayock found a gem with Mad Maxx. A lot of rookies balled out yesterday.

  15. Against a hurt average colts team. Trash win.


  17. Mad Maxx just balling today,Batting balls pushing hard to get to the QB. Keep it up youll get those sacks. Smart- football player for sure. GO RAIDERS!!!!

  18. Max Crosby playing better then ferrel

  19. things max aint got time for: everything except a win

  20. Mad Maxx is gonna be a baller …..great draft …..too bad abram got hurt , I know hes dying to be out their .

  21. Mayock has been so impressive

  22. That's a nice shirt Maxx!

  23. Max was the MVP of this game

  24. Is that shirt black or brown?

  25. You balled out today Crosby!!

  26. Atta boy young man..Rep that Raider GEAR !

  27. Max is gonna be a great asset for us. Get him more reps and experience and he gonna ball. Joyner and joseph showed out.

  28. You balled out today bro, really excited for your future


  30. You balled out today man ☠️☠️ just keep grinding get your feet under you and you will be someone in this league RN4L

  31. Considering the schedule 2-2 not lookin too bad

  32. A team player for sure doing a great job mad Max Crosby !!

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