Meek Mill — On The Regular [Official Music Video]

Meek Mill — On The Regular [Official Music Video]

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20 комментариев

  1. this is lil Tay's sister song

  2. Allah daffa am ay vacance noel oui donc beu le 5 janvier ouu scippion …….

  3. 1:45 you welcome

  4. 2019 ?

  5. Whats the theme song tho?

  6. He can put this back out now

  7. the name of original song ????

  8. I get goosebumps every time the bass drops

  9. Oui reine e 2 oui elle di j ai tout bien noter oui la couronne garde bien d oui moi ton mari militaire alors oui et atttentionn oui allemagne note j ai note r ca fai combien 4 uh 4 oui

  10. Meek n’est pas une personne mais un monstre dans tous ses sons il déchire tout incroyable

  11. From DRC drake always better … rap fresh true rap nigga

  12. this is what round table mngt do fact$

  13. remember they said i was done we never gotta dlick ride fact$ we bring nyc to tampa newark nj philadelphia pa boston mass whts up 813 we flooded club skye y bor city sale alot mixtapes fact$ know that djA.mon$y

  14. Today makes 2 years. Happy birthday to this video

  15. Or you got the meek milly

  16. 2018 anyone

  17. When its all said and done people will know what time it is!!!

  18. The beginning of this song is a sample from the 300 spartan movie score.

  19. Would have 200M views..

  20. If u listen to this in ur car you HAVE to drive n crazy just for the song

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