Mega Big Win Cleopatra 2 Jackpot with Retriggers Over $15K!

Mega Big Win Cleopatra 2 Jackpot with Retriggers Over $15K!

[ad_1] This was hit and recorded by one of our Vegas Fanatics members at the Aria in Las Vegas. [ad_2]

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  1. Very nice.

  2. Q fantástico pagan como en los años buenos

  3. I know what your doing, you all are great slot hustlers!

  4. In case anyone is wondering Cleopatra II rarely ever does something like this and it's basically a fluke.
    It hardly ever retrievers the bonus even once and usually low pay to no pay symbols. I've played it a lot hoping to get it to do something like this for the potential… it doesn't happen with any regularity at all. Right place, right time.

  5. Nice but should have been more than 15k on 40 spins. You got screwed

  6. nice

  7. Sweet!

  8. Man I love Cleo 2 — never gets old. Congrats man.

  9. The person is Just too quiet for a big hit.

  10. wow. big risk on FREEPLAY

  11. That was incredible! Congratulations!

  12. Incredible win! Congratulations

  13. nasty!

  14. Awesome retriggers!

  15. wow

  16. There's a cap of 50 spins on the uk version of this slot, is that the same in the US??

  17. Wow that was very nice

  18. This game always beats me up in Vegas. Thanks for the video. Subscribed 🙂

  19. 750X bonus on a $20 bet. Wow! Congratulations. Can I make one small suggestion? Putting the final win amount in the title is a huge SPOILER. Yes, people have abused descriptions such as "big win" or "mega big win" to describe mundane 100X bonus round slot hits or large multiples on minimum bets that hardly result in thrilling win totals. But if you just put "Handpay" in the description, it lets viewers know you aren't doing that, while still allowing them to share a little of the thrill of the unexpected.

    Again though, congrats on the big hit.

  20. Great win Mike! I've never got anything even close to that! Congrats!

  21. Amazing hit, congrats!

  22. Watching this makes me want to go to a casino so bad thinking that i will be able to do the same thing but I always end up losing

  23. awesome fucken win congratulations!!!

  24. you are probably rich with that big wins

  25. Damn…. Mergerd

  26. Holy Moly!!!! Wow!!!! That was awesome!!!!

  27. I normally don't play Cleopatra 2, but I played 2 weeks ago here in new England. I hit all 5 scatter symbols for the bonus and only got 10 spins with no retriggers. I didn't get much from the bonus but the scatter paid about 26,000! On a nickel machine though.

  28. Does this game come in the pennies slot

  29. That is true ? Only question…

  30. You didn't even react to the winning. I would be screaming my ass off lol

  31. I can always pick out the chronic gamblers… they don't show a smidgen of emotion when they win. This guy was absolutely silent. I would have been doing acrobatics!!!! hahaha

  32. after the 2nd retrigger i wouldve lost my shit!!! and then another one and another one? how are you staying so calm? lol thats just me.

  33. WTG!

  34. that was awesome, wish I could get lucky like that…WTG

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