[ad_1] HUGE MEGA BIG WIN SCATTER LINE HIT on the Rawhide slot machine. 5 BONUS SYMBOLS ON A PAYLINE!!! Triggering a 25 spin bonus! I was down to the wire…last spin of my BR for the night and was pleasantly surprised with this incredible hit! Rawhide is a Konami Slot Machine

Slot Machine: Rawhide
Denom: 1c Penny
Total bet: $2.00


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Thanks and Good Luck!!!! -kbr [ad_2]

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  1. The elusive 5-symbol Konami trigger, awesome! 🙂

  2. it is rare to get 5 of them…congrast….nice

  3. lol very

  4. fukkin insane dude had only fukkin $1 left on machine n hits 1000 dis is y i love dis shyt n im addicted to it some people say its like drug addiction or alcohol but fukkkdat its fukkin worse

  5. Dont really like Konami games. I find them to be dry and the music goes back to Donkey Kong.

  6. 2 dollar bet per spin! You get up to 1k in loses real fast with that amount of bet

  7. Also, Fuck Konami

  8. Amazing! A 5-bonus symbol trigger is so rare on slots like these that it deserves a 500x bet win!

  9. Wow, incredible last spin and congrats on the awesome trigger pay and huge win!

  10. Down on to your last bet then nailed over 500x your bet!! That was nice EPIC comeback!!

  11. Very nice scatter!!

  12. SUPER NICE!!! Congrats!!!

  13. Nice hit man! This is the first game I ever got a jackpot on so I am a fan of the Rawhide!

  14. Good job sir.. congrats

  15. I actually have seen someone in a casino get this on the "Bonus Ladies" version, I think they were betting 90 cents and $300 just for the trigger.  This also reminds of the trigger pays you can get on Whales of Cash, quite similar.  Great win!

  16. Wow — awesome trigger pay! Congrats!

  17. Nice One … Awesome Sauce Groovy!

  18. best scatter in the casino.  nice win KBR!

  19. 500x for 5 scatters?  Awesome!!  Congrats

  20. a $1.23 and your scatter paid a $1000.00, LOL who cares if the actual bonus was crappy. I'm sure you walked away from that machine and said, "thank you"

  21. ONE dollar, and 23 cents left!…Now THAT'S what I call a comeback!-…Daaaaang Congratz!

  22. Have never seen five on that machine. Nice, and glad you won that $1,000 on the scatter as those games did not produce very much.  Enjoyed watching.

  23. I play Konami quite often and always wish for a 5 scatter pay… Maybe someday.

  24. Wow what a beautiful Hit. To bad the actual bonus was crap. Congrats!!

  25. Perfect bonus! Who knew that all 5 trigger symbols payed that much! Congrats. Hope to get a win like this on my channel next week. Congrats

  26. Just short of a handpay, thats what I like!

  27. I love the older games. They pay so well. Congrats  😀

  28. Nice hit

  29. Beautiful hit. Very tough to get.

  30. Awesome win on your last spin bet. I didn't know 5 symbols can pay that huge in that game. Congrats very nice kbr.

  31. Wow, very nice!!! Congrats !

  32. You make winning on big bets look easy.  🙂  Keep up the excellent work, sir!

  33. Way to go!!!!

  34. Very rare. 500x just on the trigger alone. Nice!

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