[ad_1] FINALLY I got a awesome win on SUPER JUNGLE WILD!

Taped at Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino, $1.20 bet (I was losing, so I was betting less…LOL) [ad_2]

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  1. Awesome!!!! incredible WIN 😀

  2. Nice one! 🙂

  3. This slot has been good to you over the times.

  4. That's a great hit! Congrats.

  5. What a fantastic line up. Nailed it!

  6. Freakin Fabulous !!!!! 🙂
    Luck Luck Luck to You !!!!!

  7. I was thinking of you when I saw that there was a NUTTY SQUIRREL slot online. (you probably don't bother with online slots, but hey, I thought it was quite appropriate…)

  8. Hey Brent I'm gonna n in Vegas in Feb. I'm super excited

  9. Whooo Hooooo!!! Super Nice Brent! Way to Rock that Machine!!! Congrats!

  10. you were losing we can tell in your relieved voice nice win congratulations

  11. Congrats!  I think this is the toughest of the Reel Boost games to hit on. (and I love dem Reel Boost games!)  way to go!

  12. very nice ! congraats

  13. Fun to watch!! #YesYes!!!

  14. Great Job Brent. I asked SD Guy who would you like to meet from Titanic movie.
    Who would you like too meet?

  15. Brent, great win and fun to watch!

  16. That was awesome Brent…max would have been a handj

  17. Awesome hit!!!

  18. Super nice WIN! Congrats.

  19. great win

  20. Niiiiiiice!

  21. That's how you do it, sir!  Awesome win!

  22. You did say "at least", so technically you weren't wrong!  Great hit!

  23. Hell yes……you can't add….which was a good thing…..what a win..thanks for posting!

  24. Nice win. I like playing this slot machine at isle of Capri in Louisiana.

  25. Oooh that was a very nice one! Congrats! 🙂

  26. hell yeah boss

  27. Where was the signature wms "awesome" sequence on that? Anyways, great hit!

  28. nice i miss the zeus  wild shoot out and dean martin like this i perthem over this one good hit

  29. "Amazing…Oh, My God!" Good job Brent. I definitely prefer this one over Jungle Wild III. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  30. Congrats! So nice to see big wins on those Reel Boost machines, I never do good on them myself.. You should have thought that a 375 x bet win deserved a better celebration though 😛

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