MEGA SUPER BIG WIN★KINGMAKER Dollar Slot Machine MaxBet $9, Pechanga Casino, 赤富士スロット, Akafujislot

MEGA SUPER BIG WIN★KINGMAKER Dollar Slot Machine MaxBet $9, Pechanga Casino, 赤富士スロット, Akafujislot

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#2. KINGMAKER Dollar Slot Machine Max Bet $9

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  1. Boy that looks and sounds like a real old machine, but as long as it works and lets you win a little bit.

  2. You were just hitting those free spins one after another!! I love Pechanga, they are not stingy with the slots! I was turning $20's into $100+ on my most recent visit on Mother's Day. The place was packed! Can't wait to make my return.

  3. I got a new girlfriend Whitney met her in high school

  4. You are such a lucky girl!

  5. That was fantastic!!!!!!

  6. Probably my favorite slot Channel on YouTube, you play all the same games I do! It would be cool at the end of your videos to tell how much you are up/profited

  7. very NICE.

  8. The best casino ever:

  9. that machine was hot

  10. Hi there, Thanks for posting so many slots videos, I really enjoy them as it saves me from going to casino myself! I have a question though. At what point do you stop? I usually stop when I have doubled my money but I notice you go on for a lot longer, Do you stop when you break even?

  11. I think he cheated @ 7:457:55.

  12. This looks like a fun machine!

  13. What do you use to video your slot play? Cell phone? Go Pro?

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  15. I need 400

  16. wow great day of wins!!

  17. wow great day of wins!!

  18. is it true? u win more with a membership card? because iv notice i won more not using my cards??

  19. Wow you always winning

  20. they asked you for ID when you win $1000??

  21. Silly question…. what kind of camera or phone do you use? Best quality slot video around!

  22. You have the best slot videos, nice wins!!! Love watching keep posting!

  23. It's nice to find a slots channel without somebody who has verbal diarrhea spouting gibberish over top of every video.

  24. congrats love watching

  25. That was a great run!! It's been a long time since I've had a day that good. Congrats!!

  26. Wow very nice.

  27. My,my,my! Those are great hits! Good job! 😉

  28. Awesome!!!

  29. You have wonderful wins everywhere you play. That was so lucky to win the KingMaker slot game with 2 jackpots and 1 double jackpot. The other game was nice when it would respin for you also. I admire your skill on these games.

  30. Wonderful to watch

  31. Great and exciting video! Thanks for posting. I haven't been winning in pachanga it's good to see someone winning !

  32. Brilliant vid

  33. What an amazing run on Kingmaker's, congratulations. Andy Capp didn't seem to be going as well as previous play you posted, but sill in the black with winnings.

  34. 3jackpots

  35. Wow girl!!!! That's awesome!!!! Congrats!

  36. Those symbols followed you! And all under reporting, nice!

  37. Great Hits!!!

  38. awesome plus the credit for coin in/coin out…good for you!

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