MEGABUCKS — BIG WIN! @ Aria Casino in Las Vegas

MEGABUCKS — BIG WIN! @ Aria Casino in Las Vegas

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  1. Great $700 profit!

  2. one thing though when you drop down to $1 you would have cried if you would have hit the 3 Megabucks symbols

  3. Awesome video!!!!

  4. Awesome video I love your chanel I subbed you please check out my chanel

  5. Lol infinite credits??

  6. Well let's see, you are playing a $1 machine @$3 per spin and you had a SINGLE LINE PAY for $720x$1 = $720 BASIC MATH is in play here and you can't figure it out. Casino's ABSOLUTELY LOVE ignorant people like yourself who can't work out basic addition like a 7 y/o

    Keep pumping that "rent" money into the machine, thy're getting richer while you keep trying to figure out what 720+1 =


  7. Cash out!

  8. that was great

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