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  1. congrats diana ,very volatile machine but when it plays like this its so exciting

  2. Love that machine!!!!!!

  3. in ready for some MegaBucks!!

  4. AWESOME!!!!

  5. Kills me to no end people play less than max bet on ANY progressive machine.

  6. THIS ONE is a HOT MESS…Have you tried it? Go to 12:13 in for it's 'potential' UGH, I'd be a basket case playing this ROFLMAO

  7. Nice!!!!

  8. Nice run on this slot. I thought you would play to either $400 or $1000 LOL. Thanks for posting.

  9. Nice run!  Never expect that on Megabucks.  I never do well on it, but that was fun to watch.  Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. That was some righteous megabucking, Diana.  It's a nice feeling to have a couple of jackpots under your belt…makes you feel good knowing you can still stop and have a winning ticket at the end of a leisurely, casual run of extra spins.  Lucky, lucky lady.


  12. I would be so thrilled to triple like this on this game. Perhaps your luck really has changed. Let's have some really big wins this month.

  13. awesome win sometimes you just never know when it will randomly hit guess what I am trying tonight haven't played in a few months

  14. Awesome line hits, Diana!!! Never had much luck on the Megabucks series either. Congrats! 🙂

  15. Nice wins Diana!

  16. Congrat's Diana. Love that game!

  17. I love to watch you because I am frequently shocked by you LOL!!! You either lose big or win big and this was FABULOUS. You also play a couple different ones that offer the 'respins' but I can't recall the names and I love them. Did you notice the 2, 3 and 4 is sometimes switched up to 2, 4, 3? That surprised me too! I KNOW it happened at least once. Anyway, you often get the karma you project and you are a sweetie. Congrats.

  18. Yay! A reel slot! My fav! And in my opinion they pay sooo much more than the video slots. But they also are hit and miss with way less small cents size wins like video slots have that make the player "feel like they are winning." Others may disagree with me tho of course. Anyway thanks for showing a reel slot!! Your videos are always fun!

  19. Very nice

  20. I love how you are always so grateful when you get a decent win! Thanks for uploading this you are one of my fav youtubers Diana!!

  21. Good job

  22. nice win Diana 😉 congrats

  23. Those were good hits!

  24. nice run on a tuff machine

  25. I could watch that all day. 🙂 love that machine, played one over 5 hrs in Biloxi last mo. fun, esp when you're hitting. thx for sharing.

  26. One of my favorite machines. Fun to watch you play it. I think one of your last wins with a respin was 4000 shared and that was fun too. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Very nice session Diana. I often wonder if odds of winning the top megabucks progressive is better than powerball, I would guess yes!

  28. That is a major miracle win on that dang machine. Congrats Diana!

  29. Best I've ever seen anybody do on free spin slots. Great job. Bonus me bitch . Lol

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