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Mom plays Game of Life at Cosmopolitan with me and has a big win.
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38 комментариев

  1. Yay mom!! Your mom is so sweet Diana

  2. Great win for your mother. Retire in style.

  3. So glad your mom got a good win! Sorry yours didn't work out so well. Better luck next time!

  4. Mom did an awesome job on Game of Life. She tore retirement island up! Good for her walking away with a 100X her bet win. Best of luck to the both of you and keep on winning.

  5. Way to go, mom!


  7. I like game of life , thanks for sharing

  8. Good going Mom!!!!

  9. What would you estimate the chances of going to retirement island are when you get thr bonus? I went for the third time last night… i do like this slot alot!

  10. I just love you and your mom. I take my grandmother to the casino all the time.

  11. 100x Big Money! Yeah $$$$

  12. Congrats to Mom! Hope she had a great birthday and you guys had a super time in Vegas. She is so cute. When you said to push the button and she answered “ I don’t want to upset it”. That’s me in the casino too lol.

  13. Congrats 2 that sweet lady on her big win bonus. Lots of work during the bonus 2 achieve it. Enjoyed

  14. Good morning Diana and Mom

    Congratulations on your retirement Mom. I hope you get a jackpot

  15. Such a lovely mom you have! Congratulations on her win!

  16. I love your Mom. Makes me miss my Mom, (we were slot buddies, too).

  17. Congratulations MOM!!!!


  19. You are so lucky to still have your mom. Of course she won. She is already a winner!

  20. When it comes to moms they have all the luck "LADY DI" some day it will rum off on the rest of us.

  21. So stinking cute

  22. WAY TO GO MOM $$$$

  23. Hi Diana. I glad your mom took your advice. Congrats to mom on a very nice bonus.Thanks for sharing.

  24. WTG Construction Worker MOM!!!

  25. Nice bonus mom had, sorry it wasn't cooperating with you Diana!!! TYFS

  26. Yay Mom!!

  27. Great job Mom

  28. good job Mom!

  29. Congratulations Mom. Diana I watch you on my TV today !!!!

  30. Nice to see Mom cash in a big win! Next time she'll clear the board 🙂

  31. Life is a cute game and I'm glad your mom did so well playing it. I'm sure you are happy your mom was a winner. We all really enjoy watching the two of you play together — lots of love in your family.

  32. Congrats on the big win mom! Btw, was anyone else simultaneously watching that Jackpot 7's bonus in the background at the same time? LOL

  33. Way to go Mom! It’s always nice to see you two together!

  34. Always fun to see your beautiful Mom having fun with you Diane! Blessings to both of you!

  35. What a lovely win for your mom, love watching you two. X

  36. I really wish we had this game here. If we did, they’d put one carousel in and it would be impossible to get a seat at it. Then people would get tired of it and they’d pull it out. That’s what happened with Wonka.

  37. Mom is super lucky to land on Retirement Island and get a BIG win bonus!!! Plus, mom is really cute and I really like watching her play!!! Better luck next time, Diana!!

  38. Adorable. So sorry you didn’t get a bonus. But all that wonderful time between you and your mother is so priceless and I love you both share it with all of us. Hope you had a blast in Vegas. Have a great week.

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