MONEY BAG BIG WIN! $10 Cash Explosion $25 Million Payout

MONEY BAG BIG WIN! $10 Cash Explosion $25 Million Payout

[ad_1] Scratching $5 $25 Million Payout, $10 Cash Explosion, & $10 Mega Loteria Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. Will I find a big win? Stay tuned.
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  1. Great video liked and subbed keep on scratchen

  2. nice win!!

  3. nice session

  4. HOLLY CRAP!!..I'm going to celebrate your big WIN by making my hotel reservations for DECEMBER!!..VEGAS!..VEGAS!..that's over $400..YAY!…CONGRAT'S DULCE!!!..LOVE and LUCK!

  5. It's about time you got a nice win I'm very happy for you. Congratulations girl.

  6. Congrats on the big win!

  7. 26

  8. Great profit, thanks for sharing.

  9. Great Win!

  10. Yes….I was screaming lol! Sweet session Candy;)

  11. Congrats I missed the 26 also. I need stronger glasses. Lol

  12. Superb! WTG TC!!!

  13. Awesome

  14. Awesome win!!

  15. Godd win

  16. Great wins!

  17. Nice win

  18. OMG!

  19. Nice win just need more those now

  20. A hundo!! Super awesome!!!

  21. Good. Nice Win.


  23. Hi Candy Good LUCK

  24. Stay dry out there I know it raining in San antonio

  25. Awesome win Texan Candy Thanks for sharing……..

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