Money Blast Slot — 500+ FREE SPINS! — BIG WIN! — Slot Machine Bonus

Money Blast Slot — 500+ FREE SPINS! — BIG WIN! — Slot Machine Bonus

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Money Blast Slot — BIG WIN — Slot Machine Bonus

It’s been a while since I have shown Money Blast. So, here is a bonus feature that went on for approximately 45 minutes. Yes, it was that long. Retrigger after Retrigger. However, it was, for the most part, just that… more retrigger than action — IMO. This one does end on a nice multiple I must say…but it was a 45 minute ride of slight ups and downs. I hope you enjoy the feature. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, share, subscribe, like and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. Your one lucky dude i play loke you medium to high bets but i dont win shit ….

  2. Nice win! Played this today and got 100 spins initially on 30 cents. Ended up with around 250 spins and 100 dollars won. Lots of dead spins but the potential is there!!!

  3. Wow this was a fantastic bonus on top of bonus. Congratulations.

  4. That machine didn't want you to go take a pee. Amazing retriggers.

  5. All those free games and no hand pay

  6. I love to watch the actual hit when it comes which you always had it out are you faded in after it's already happened I'm not sure why you do that so everytime I get one of your videos another chance I'm disappointed again because I don't get to see that actual hit I'm out of here but hey here's to your good luck you seem to do well

  7. Torture, get through 600 spins, and than, boom…massive retrigger……..

  8. nice retriggers

  9. that's a lot of spins for feature

  10. That's a lot of spins

  11. My favorite machine!! Wow, you got it going good!! Very nice win !! I enjoyed watching your video very much!! Keep on winning!!

  12. Very good Mike, I like the way you edit all dead spins to make it interesting, either can't sleep or bored but I watched this whole vidio which was very good as usual. Dont know how I missed this one, but I always said, some of these Kanomi games, will give a decent pay on .90 cdnts.. I have ever gotten nice bonuses on them, NOT too many mind you and better keep my mouth shut as we are leaving for B in am for 2 nites, what the heck, soon be returning to Fla in Oct…. Hope someday to run into you guys and and say hello!  Stay well…

  13. that win…compare to ONLINE CASINO Now went we get free spin out of 15 free spins only one will paid BIG SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder they give free spins like candy ! lol

  14. mi comentario es que los casino no me andado nada

  15. dude, I've seen some of your videos and I'm impressed.  Where all do you play and do you have any strategies of playing?

  16. As awesome as this is, you should have won so much more money with that amount of free spins. I have got 100 free spins and only won like 60 bucks. So much for greed. I hate getting so worked up with their teasers. Cannot afford to play, so YouTube is my fix. Ha! Congrats anyway, I mean you only had 19 bucks left, so you did luck out. I hope you left with it and not give it back to the casino. Yay!

  17. nice love your videos

  18. Me gusta Responder

  19. Wow…great win there! I've only had the pleasure of that many retriggers ONCE. I thought I was gonna burst a bladder too. Attendants can't watch your machine for you during the free games. No pause…just a lot of fortitude! Congrats and thanks for hanging tough with the camera!

  20. 152 free games.. wow.. that was awesome. Congrats on the win

  21. Hi fathers bet on a winners amout 100bets post.. in thank you i doing good , i ok ..

  22. Great win Mike and so many re-triggers! I liked your neighbor cheering you on. 😉 

  23. Very nice camera work, Mike.  Ain't easy to record all that shit.

  24. Great hit on .90 cents!

    I gotta start low rolling, since I can't hit $500 on $10 bets maybe $1 is the way to go!

  25. Nice win for Konami! Loved your neighbor cheering you on. Played Dynasty Riches the other day on 30 cent bet. About the same amount of spins as you and walked away over $200. I was thrilled and had plenty of time to order a wine and drink it. 🙂 No video, drink lady stood there and watched for a LONG time. lol

  26. Another 500+ Mega spins bonus to add to your collection! So envious 🙂 but this game hates me. Congrats on the mega win!

  27. Nice win! Where was this at?/

  28. Boom goes the dynamites!  Great bonus win Mike.  Do me a favor though — don't edit over the landing of the bonus symbols. I love to hear the sound when you land em on all 5 reels.

  29. WOW ! SO MANY SPINS!! I get Panic Attacks when I get to many Spins hahaha!! To bad no FULL Screens with all those Spins was hoping for at least 1 for you but that seems how it goes with a bunch of re triggers on these machines!
    NICE BONUS!!! Congrats! Fun Video for sure!

  30. The torture we must indure to get a great win on video on these Konami games, this is why Tam didn't record that China Shores HP…you know if I was there, I would have…it's what you and I go for Mike! LOL  We have a recording problem….where's that number for us to call?!?!? 😉
    Congrats on your bonus and thanks for the effort put into it, I understand your pain 🙂

  31. Great video. Very nice bonus. Love all the retriggers.

  32. Nice long win, thanks for sharing

  33. Nice win….

  34. Great win Mike! Really love the thumbnail. Nice work

  35. Nice win Mike. Congrats! I can't believe you've had all of those retriggers, amazing!! I don't believe I've had the opportunity to play this slot, it is very popular. I hope to get a chance when I go back to AC in a couple of weeks.

  36. Nice win!! 🙂

  37. Very nice bonus Mike. It's always nice and relaxing to just sit and watch so many spins. 🙂

  38. Super bonus! crazy retriggers for sure!! you must have had a sore hand filming all those spins! great result for 90 cents

  39. how are you recording?

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