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Soooo… THIS JUST HAPPENED! Our biggest win in our entire lifes LIVE ON STREAM, we couldn’t be happier and end 2019 in any better way!

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. If you are gambling to the point where it’s affecting your personal life, please check out the GambleAware website for help and support.

Never chase losses when gambling and try reducing bet size if your gambling is getting out of control or self exclude as a final resort. Make sure to use deposit limits and always take advantage of lock-in withdrawal features if the Casino has it. [ad_2]

33 комментария

  1. 3:12 awesome ❤

  2. That s not half a million tho

  3. friend zone after 16 sec. hard bitch

  4. Cool big win!))

  5. Wow good so lucky

  6. Hello Channel Two! I'm a new fan and supporter here. I enjoyed watching your videos. I'm here to cheer you on to keep the winnings coming in throughout 2020

  7. åhhh herregud sebbe!!! herregud

  8. 0:09 rip for him

  9. х22066 , but slot can't give more x20.000

  10. Half off mil lol it's 50 K xp

  11. I'd move out my parents the next day and pay my boss for a raise

  12. Marry him

  13. So why it didnt appear in your total balance ?

  14. and here I am still watching ante ripping on mega jolk instead of people actually printing smh

  15. Amazing win 😮

  16. Girl: looks at screen
    Screen: Win 50.000€
    Girl: Omg we won half a million

  17. Thank so much for this video its beautiful, i so happy for you

  18. Haha Friedzone ob fleek BRO

  19. That voice is crazy

  20. good

  21. Wow! That's INSANE! Congrats

  22. do online casino actually can pay this ?

  23. On 50€ would have been 1000000€

  24. Congratulations and enjoy the money.

  25. What a epic win! This NEVER happens! You literally beat the game Anna HUGE CONGRATZ!

  26. С России привет!))))

  27. Wauw , wauw , wauw… just, fucking, wauw..
    That is insane!! I dont know you or anything but your reactions to this.. priceless.
    Dont gamble it all away. Take 20% for gambling and use the rest for a nice frkn holiday and emergency cash!!

  28. I just calculated they should have won €55157 so basically the slot claimed back 5k even tho max win was accomplished. Makes you laugh tbh as the casinos win so much money as it is.. unfair but very nice win GJ!!!!

  29. Очуметь)

  30. and on a fucking scam site that max pay out 20k a month , but congrats!!

  31. That is madness.

  32. Thats truly an insane win!

  33. 50,000 wow truly amazing…

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