Monopoly Bonus City MAX BET BIG WIN

Monopoly Bonus City MAX BET BIG WIN

[ad_1] slot machine bonus win on monopoly Bonus City. a max bet big win bonus!

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  1. Just had best JP win on this exact game.  $20 max bet and I did manage to get the 8x from a Chance card.  $10,300 Bonus payoff.
    Winstar World Casino in OK.  Love/Hate with this game.  I am now in LOVE stage again!   Fun when you get to go back to the board several times. 

  2. best i've ever managed is all five Mermaids on Goldfish 2… *sniffle*

  3. ya I know, I used to dream of the monopoly jackpot party 5 wilds with a 10x, and nailed that on a max bet. still couldn't believe how much it was

  4. …and to still have around 10 spins or so to go… the things we slot players dream of, eh?

  5. a 5 wilds hit on this game is unbelievable. imagine with an 8x multiplier and having 3 wild reels and 2 wilds showing up in the middle of reel 2 and 4.

  6. best scenario would be x8 multiplier, 3 wild reels and a good bunch of spins left over

  7. Jackpot party casino on Facebook
    I am level 48

  8. good hit!

  9. I think this is my favorite monopoly game. the possibilities are amazing. that and jackpot station. but bonus city has the same, huge win potential for 5 wilds. its like $100 x line bet. and then with the up to 8x multiplier make it huge.

  10. MORE OF THIS GAME PLZZZZ! woo great bonus.

  11. yeah, those 5 wilds would be sick. especially with that 8x multiplier!

  12. lol. only slightly less?? I think that still puts you in stalker territory

  13. Loving this game… and loving you slightly less.

  14. Yeah I think the second wild reel bring much more to the table than the multiplier.

  15. Middle reel seemed better than a multiplier in this case. Glad you introduced me to this one — really want to see those five wilds!!!

  16. I want to be on vacation right now instead shitty work

  17. you should do a vid on how to hold the camera i always get caught hahhahaha

  18. nickels??

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