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Monopoly Live INSANE Multiplier Rolls — SUPER BIG WIN!!!

Monopoly Live INSANE Multiplier Rolls — SUPER BIG WIN!!!

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Knights Life, Online Casino

21 комментарий

  1. slotsspinner ist a hoax. All his wins are fake wins. He ließ to all viewers. All his win Emotions are fake. his hole money is fake free money from the casino promotion. He wins sero money in real. All real money are from the donations and fake charity donations. Viewers spend money for this and He dont give money to this. He is a fake money player.

  2. Lets make this video viral

  3. anyone notice Mayfair 500x with a 30x multi didnt change to 15,000 on the board

  4. The odds on that are unbelievable , what a win nice one

  5. Looks fun…Just subscribed…

  6. Imagine 4rolls on that jesus

  7. So the £25 was times 30x = £750 then hits 120x and that somehow makes £3750 surely that makes £90,000???

  8. Rigged wheel…happy you won but so rigged

  9. Goddamn, I've been working so much lately I've missed this 🙁 Great hit btw, holy fuck! I will have time to watch more streams in a few days 🙂

  10. I had the same set up a few weeks ago — Won 5k from $50 bet and then lost it all the same night, I still feel sick.

  11. I was playing at the time and i had 100 pound on 2 i was about to put something on 2rolls but ran oit of time the previous spin i had 100pound on 2rolls .
    ………wounded big time ………
    Couldnt go sleep done me over heavily because i missed it couldnt beleive what hapend.

  12. Well done and great video

  13. Good Luck

  14. Kim is going to be pxxxed

  15. They were looting money since last 1 week now they gave u that looted money from us

  16. Your such a lucky guy…throw some luck this way man.lol

  17. Holy moly, big congrats spinja awesome win mate

  18. that shit was amazing 😀

  19. PROOF this shit is scam, this right after that daskelele shit…..

  20. As for the Mayfair — i believe they dont have the graphics to show because it was over 4 digits high — 15000x — it would have paid an unbelievable 375.000€ if that hit!

  21. big Big bonus Grt sir

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