Monopoly Slot — Bonus City — **BIG WIN** — Slot Machine Bonus

Monopoly Slot — Bonus City — **BIG WIN** — Slot Machine Bonus

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Monopoly Slot Bonus City — BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus
Well, it has been a while since I have posted one of these bonus features…not because I haven’t tried…my timing has been off. Once again, I was banging hard … trying to trigger the bonus…because I know the potential is there on the high bet. Things didn’t work out, so I lowered my bet and triggered the bonus. Needless to say, it was a great bonus. Take a look. It doesn’t disappoint. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, subscribe, share and tweet. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. sugoi!!!!!

  2. 10:24 wait is that score in dollars or something else

  3. Somebody tell me how the slot machines work so I can try gambling at them one day

  4. hey you brent sd guy and low roller have the best sites..
    i have great wins and play all the time but when im not
    playing and im home i love watching you guys play
    keep up the good work!

  5. No wonder this bonus is so hard to get, I've been trying to get it on the quarters machine but it gobbles my money too fast. Great win!

  6. Damm good run n1

  7. that was crazy hell ya almost 300x

  8. Mike that was so much fun to watch! I avoided this Monopoly at Aria during my NYE trip and now I'm sad that I did.  Congrats on a terrific bonus and win!!

  9. Great win! I love this came, i can not find it anymore though!

  10. We don't have that one anymore, of the casinos I regularly go to.  Glad you did well with it!

  11. Now that's how you do it! Played this recently at my local but my bonus was so wimpy I deleted it 🙂 Congrats on the win!

  12. Great bonus! Loved this video and you talking back to the machine lol

  13. Nice one, lots of people doing well on this game!

  14. Great video as always Mike! Congrats to you on your terrific win!

  15. amazing video

  16. He'll yes great bonus Mike

  17. Sometimes it is better to not bet the max. Congrats, casinomannj.  I wish I had your luck!

  18. WOOHOO!!!  Thank YOU for taping this. Unlike SOME people.  😉

  19. Gotta love the 8X multiplier.

  20. that was a fun one to watch, thanks for sharing

  21. i love this game, great win Casinomannj! that was strange how come it did not go up to 10x when you won the additional 2x multiplier?

  22. great win kept hitting retriggers was nice

  23. Very nice bonus Mike. I barely remember this one from Vegas. Congrats. 🙂

  24. This is a classic … and it is so much fun to see a big win unfold on it.  I hope WMS makes another game like this again.  If you have played the latest GAME OF LIFE, it is really well done — but it just doesn't seem to have the same big win potential behind it (maybe I just need more play on it).

  25. Yeah that Virginia avenue 2x…WTF? I thought maybe you'd get your total bonus multiplied by 2 at the end, what did it do?

  26. nice big win manny congratulations love your videos maybe i will run into u one time would love to watch u get a big win

  27. Very nice win Mike…. This game I get so fustrated with. Once again, have tried all demo and does not seem to show love. But like I said, you have to play around with them and see what demo is going to hit for you.. Very nice and congrats. I appriciate watching when far from home, close to Hard Rock, but I am not happy with them anymore. Someone told me ( the groomer of our dog) that they are so tight this time of year because alot of snow birds are in town, and I am one of them!!! LOL…

  28. my luck land on income tax at 100% deduction…lol

  29. Awesome win!!! Sarah just got a hand pay on this one last night on 80 cents! Great job Mike

  30. Nice video!!! I gotta look for this game on the 23-25 when I'm in AC. Have still not played this one before.

  31. Nice win…. Congrats, the money bags would have been nice….

  32. Woo HOOOO Congrats!!!

  33. nice win , wow nice multiplier haha lucker ! good job

  34. Awesome!!! Well played in bonus.

  35. So…Virginia ave at 2x, you don't get anything from it? If so, that really sucks.

  36. That was great , so much fun & potential with all the Monopoly Games You rocked it !
    Luck Luck Luck to You !

  37. awesome bonus! you got a lot in that one!

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