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More Bellagio slots live HUGE WINS!

More Bellagio slots live HUGE WINS!

Big wins for sure on this Part 2 of my Bellagio Live stream

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  1. You are so Lucky

  2. Thanks Again for another great video.

  3. I think you should honor the $20.00 idea… I just went from watching your original video thinking.. He's a smart guy and more should follow in his foot steps, then I'm linked to a follow up video where u are walking around with $1,500.00 on a single ticket… If you don't want to juggle around your phone + tickets, perhaps only focus on "live streams" once a month, and break the rule then, but still post your $20.00 rule on all other uploads. You set a good example for people, be that "reasonable" gambler for others to try… Just my two cents.. Cheers

  4. thank you

  5. Keep playing this one, I feel luck on this 1

  6. Its like face timing a slow machine

  7. How come security doesn't trip about u filming??

  8. Wish.. I can win a jackpot.. one day… I never been.. to vagus though.. …. ?

  9. I'm guessing you gamble only at Nevada casinos. That's good. DO NOT Ever Go To Indian Casinos. I know an employee and I was told they can tune on and off slot machines individually with the push of a button in "The control room" as worker called it. The worse thing is the reverse bias i see every time i went. I as of now will not ever gamble in a Indian casino again. Next stop? Reno, Tahoe or Vegas. I do pretty good at the Nevada casinos. Maybe i'll run into you down there.

  10. What video is the one where you answer peoples questions?

  11. Do they still have the hangover slot

  12. Keno has the worst odds I mean really bad

  13. Neily 777 what camera do you use to record the vids?

  14. I prayed that you get the Bonus!!!
    Love You!!!

  15. Great slot playing thanks for all the tips you are the man

  16. Win Big !!! Im watching from Saskatchewan Canada been watching for 3 hrs now what site do i watch you play?

  17. Win Big Im watching from Canada been watching for 3 hrs and enjoying it Lol

  18. what happened to your $20 at at time deal?

  19. What happened to your win over $5 strategy

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