More Floofs! — Devstream #119 Breakdown

More Floofs! — Devstream #119 Breakdown

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  1. Limbo deluxe goes perfectly with war/broken war

  2. So basically, im monk

  3. They said on the dev stream the deluxe weapon skin was going to be a throwing knife skin, they're gonna be tarot cards or something if i remember correctly

  4. Also nyx/titania rework to come with fortuna part 2(coming this year)

  5. Unpopular opinion: im not a fan of Nidus deluxe. Those eyes on his body is too goofy, lookin like Thousand-Eyes Restrict from yugioh

  6. limbo delux skin looks very broken war and war inspiered. gotta see how it colors first.

  7. Fortuna Fishing also is a pay in and pay structure, It's just much (much) more generous.. All bait must be purchased with standing. Bait however can be stockpiled and be used on a different day than it was purchased. Perhaps the vent kids sell race tickets or passes at different tiers for different races. That can be used on any day.

  8. yay melee review!

  9. Little bit of trivia on the Limbo Deluxe skin: the design is inspired off of the Jiang Shi, which are basically the Chinese version of the undead. So if they do have a deluxe weapon skin for it, I could imagine it being for throwing knives, except he'd be throwing spell tags.

  10. i would be okay with the entry fee if it were closer to 8k standing reward, because then youre paying standing to reach your cap in like a couple minutes if you're a person who doesn't get to play that often (or if, like me, you get home right before the daily reset)

  11. I actually like normal Nidus.

  12. Monk warframe


  13. so limbo turns into a sentient. neat. nidus new alt helmet, now's that's what i call a monster!

  14. thing I missed was an update on the deluxe skin for Equeenox

  15. They wouldn't have to deduct standing before the race, only after it if you lose


  17. I was expecting them to release melee 3.0 during the summer break and they are pushing it all the way to the next year ? Guess that's another few months of not playing the game.

  18. Nidus helmet is simply Galands head

  19. My concerns are… If they make Fortuna a total PoE killer, most are going to completely switch, and people like me are not going to farm any Eidolon… Which is already very difficult to do (on console)

  20. 3:55 his helmet looks like a Volt's Storm alt helmet/

  21. They mentioned something about a skin for throwing knives that's like tarot cards. So i might buy the bundle just for that.

  22. When they showed off Baruuk, I half expected them to put him in Zenyattas Tranquility pose, pretty interested in it though more than I was with Garuda

  23. “We do have a Monk-ey, not a monk”

  24. Baruuk is DE's chance to make a new nunchaku melee weapon.

  25. So, big melee review, will it follow the 2ndary weapons format, or the Primary weapons format. Because I thought it was fun listening to you make fun of weapons for 30 minutes 😛 However, shorter videos are also neat.

  26. I just go to fortuna to get me some floofs

  27. Paying in standing can be alright, but you NEED to be credited back the daily standing limit for that. And/or we need to get something else out in addition to the standing that is EASILY worth the 1k standing + challenge; and I'm super leaning towards it being an "and" rather than an "or".

  28. im the only one that just cares about melee rework

    uwu sad news

  29. My main question is that if you're going to do a melee review will you also include Zaws? I mean those can be very complicated to review since you can customize them in many different ways.

  30. As Barukk is being considered a monk frame, i like how his appearance is orokin based.

  31. Yo the nidus alt helm looks like a parasite from kiseijuu/parasyte

  32. Zenyatta is that you xD

  33. Okay…wtf. Melee 3.0 as an idea came from the re-balance that happen at the beginning of this year/END OF LAST YEAR wtf….okay…sure…as long as it comes…idk, whatever.

  34. Moas should be able to use:
    1. The hunter set mods
    2. Moa arcanes you could obtain from legs that benefit both the player and the moa.

    But we can't have nice things.

  35. isn't the limbo deluxe weapon skin a deck of cards for throwing weapons?

  36. Titania needa some love too

  37. ROUND

  38. What if the weird way they are doing Monk boi is the ability balance. What if he has a bunch of 25 and 50 energy cost abilities instead of the 25, 50, 75, and 100. And then his abilities would be super active and their power and utility would be scaled to reflect that and he wouldn't have an "Ultimate ability".

  39. Maybe I'm just incredibly stupid but if you're paying in 1000 and getting 4000 back for example, you've gained 3000 there. I wasn't under the impression that it would somehow lower the daily standing by 1000, I figure it'd just lower it by the amount you won. Maybe theres something I'm missing I'm admittedly not great with numbers but I was just a bit confused by all that.

  40. More floofs. Would like them to add actual enclosures we can build for the animals we rescue.

  41. Down below

  42. Better late than completely fucking broken for Melee 3.0, hopefully? I'd rather it be delayed than half-assed.

  43. I've been wanting a martial arts based frame and got really sick of being told to just use atlas.

  44. Iron fist warframe

  45. Any news for console release of Fortuna?

  46. I'm thinking credits fee with a credits+standing reward would be cool. It could be a good alternative to the index.

  47. I love Baruuk's balook, so many of the new frames are so incredibly detailed. it's nice to see a return to the old-style simplicity


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