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Track: Nemesis (DOTA 2 Music Pack)
Music provided by TheFatRat.
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#bestwarframecombo #bestwarframesynergy #bestwarframe2019


Thank you for watching! Hopefully, I’ll see you on my next video. 😉


Warframe Fortuna

Fortuna is a Corpus colony located on Venus. Built within a massive underground cavern beneath Orb Vallis, it is home to the Solaris, a population of body augmented debt-slaves working for Nef Anyo. [ad_2]

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  1. Theres also a synergy between trinity an nidus with parasitic link and energy vampire or khora and nidus with parasitic link and and ensnare

  2. For his harrow catchmoon combo use quick thinking instead of natural talent… then u will be immortal

  3. I would love to see another explaination video on that ivara eidolon hunt build

  4. Can't forget the Blender
    Mag's 2 + Secura Penta modded for Hunter's Munitions and Viral damage
    Fills my soul with joy hearing such a beautiful song of death
    Sounds like hit markers. A lot of them

  5. Inaros and Nami Skyla prime, just sayin.

  6. wow!! thanks so much!! ill have to try these out!

  7. Anyone that say wukong can tank more than inaros hasn't really played true endurance missions

  8. Atterax spin to win and Octavia.
    I did a 220 minute infested survival arbitration run with it, I didn't go further because I'm tired, not that I can't.

  9. Mirage + Ignis Wraith

  10. This video made me realize just how much shit I need to grind. So many mods. So much endo. Ugh.

  11. for the inaros one just use valk for better melee then add the mod the converts melee damage into health. I did that a few times and I could keep my cat alive without the link mods. up to floor of ESO I have not tested this after I got the armor link mod. and I still need to farm exodia hunt but I do know that it works.

    on a similar note if you are using health conversion synth fiber will force you to consume health no matter if you and the sentinal are full on health

  12. Where the fuck KHORA ?? Khora is the best killing machine than other warframe

  13. Nearly Any Harrow Build + Pyrana Prime + (Glaive, Falcor ect.) = SPEED

  14. I hope you cover rakta dark dagger & Oberon, javlok & ember, mag and pax seeker in part 2

  15. I tought you were going to put Ash+covert lethality in the list

  16. What a cool look into some powerful combos, Tenno! That Ash and Redeemer Prime combination is sure to result in some successful stealthy playing 😀

  17. JFC that redeemer is stupid..

  18. What about Nezha  ? Any chance for a good set up for him ?

  19. This might sound strange, but it is very effective:

    This setup uses Excalibur with the Jat Kittag + Vulcan Blitz. Mod Excalibur with high range, and equip Jat Kittag with Vulcan Blitz. Cast radial blind and finish an enemy, causing that damage to be dealt in a big area insta-killing anything.

  20. place u
    r adzara cat mod in the first precept for more consistency for the buff

  21. DEspy: Calling HQ, im ping point enemy base location, call in….THE NERF BOM
    intense music in the back ground

  22. Sir, u have successfully combined actual good content, with clickbaitTitles. congratulations <3 the fusion is real

  23. Didn't stealth gas get nerfed a long time ago?

  24. Limbo with tombfinger and pax seeker that seekers will leave limbo and hit targets outside it

  25. i love the robotic voice as always! <3


  27. if I only had a good pc that wont get fps drops on free worlds -_-

  28. Use to be able to one shot limbs with Ivara and a lenz with Artimis. Before the frame weapon patch. Never thought about trying her other ability for it hmmmm. Good video as always brudda.

  29. Try using Nidus with the Helminth charger with strain mods…. Quite good for the survivability.

  30. Friede’s Great Scythe… I see you like DS3

  31. YAS!! So awesome video! There was some builds that i have used some time!

  32. Hey Squad Leader wanted to know how i get that visor on your operator

  33. Witch weapon releases the most ammount of pellets with each shot? I'm thinking of doing a magnetise build for mag

  34. Why not just Atterax+Spin2Win? instead of that Gram bullshit?

  35. Think u can come up with a synergy for limbo?

  36. Try Nidus+Zakti+ dual keres or any good dual sword

  37. Ash Bleeding Fury Build (Gore Queen Garuda Approved)

    Ash Prime, 110 duration 175 efficiency 85 range 204 strength, arcane fury, arcane trickery, rising storm augment.

    Venka Prime, body count, drifting contact, primed fury, damage and element (Viral)

    Go laugh at heavy gunners and bombards lvl 130 plus with just three marks and watch them bleed.

    Bonus points: ash koga deluxe skin and tennogen carabid helmet then paint black and yellow. Wolverine cosplay.

  38. Mirage Lanz and Atomos for max aoe

  39. Just want to tell you guys that i can't play Warframe because DE not support 32 bits operating system. It just happened on the date i post this comment . Sad day for all potatoes forever . tbh i cry for half an hour straight when i see the message "Your 32 bits operating system are no longer supported".

  40. Ash prime best boy. Great vid as always man.

  41. Little underwhelming, if I'm to be honest. You're not even scratching the surface of what Nidus can achieve with his Larva, because your not including the third part: Radiation Pox.

    Something weird happens to Larva'd enemies' AI when they're hit with a Rad proc (Pox combos really well with Larva when it comes to applying Rad procs). From what I can tell, the rad proc shifts aggro to the nearest target, while the Larva prevents a change in alert status; the end result is that both effects cancel each other out, and enemies have their alert status reset, which is then locked to unalerted; this allows you to spam stealth multipliers on a cluster of enemies without altering their alert status.

    Know what works even better than slash procs in that kind of situation? GAS PROCS. You don't need a melee weapon with a lot of reach to strike EVERY SINGLE ENEMY IN THE CLUSTER per swing; a single gas proc combos between every enemy caught in the cluster; meaning you can multiply the Gas proc's damage first by applying the 8x Stealth multiplier, and then multiply that figure AGAIN for every single enemy caught in the cluster. What you end up with is: Population Scaling Stealth Multipliers.

    The Sobek with Acid Shells is another curiously absent candidate from your list of OP combos; the Sobek combos with a lot of different Warframes & abilities. My two current favorites are Garuda's 4th (Enemy EHP scaling Bleed Procs are a terrifying prospect; made even more horrifying when one realizes that Bleed Procs applied by the Sobek will result in another EHP scaling explosion should the Bleed DoT kill the target) and of course, a max Range Frost with 250+ Power Strength. Just Use Avalanche to strip all enemy armor in a wide radius, then kill'em all with an Acid Shell chain reaction.

    The Phantasma's Alt-Fire has some interesting properties when combined with Mag's Magnetize and Mirage's 1st; I highly recommend checking it out. 200% Power Strength/160% Power Range Peaceful Provocation Night Equinox + Any Sniper is also an absolute monster. Assimilate Nyx + Hunter Munitions Lenz + Energy Generator Deathcube = sustainable invincibility and ultra-safe nuke spam; Splinter Storm Gara + Armor Strip Twin Roggas will make an absolute laughingstock out of enemy EHP at any level…

    …There's a lot of fun stuff that didn't make this list that completely outperforms the majority of the provided examples. I highly recommend trying some of them out.

  42. Eternal War Valkyr with Riven Mios. Riven is corrosive, attack speed, neg puncture. Bloodrush, body count, bezerker, reach, crit. Super lucky riven to have, but melted 3k+ infested in Gabii for about 45 min. How can I show you a video of this craziness?

  43. Nidus + pox modded with high corrosive, cold and fulmination to increase the range of the pox cloud + lesion built for viral and electrical w/ maiming strike and condition overload, instakills levels 2000+

  44. 12 forma on a nidus damn son

  45. Wellll shit I main nidus sooo like if anybody has that gram riven let me know, unrolled, trash or barely unrolled

  46. quality content as always!!!!

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