Multiple Symbols found. Big Win. $30 lottery scratch tickets.

Multiple Symbols found. Big Win. $30 lottery scratch tickets.

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  1. Good Luck Jack

  2. Congrats on all the wins. Especially the last one. That is awesome.

  3. Another great win…congrats

  4. Keep it rolling Jack! Looks like your on a nice hot streak on the 30 dollar tickets. Great video!

  5. Congrats

  6. Sweet

  7. Very nice win wtg

  8. Are you still a millionaire?

  9. Awesome win , congrats !

  10. Super nice !

  11. Nice win

  12. Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Cash Back.

  14. Only time I win 500, is on the 5 dollar tickets so glad I can hit on 5 dollar tickets.

  15. Still killing it!

  16. profit win! Congratulations, Jack. you will take that big win.

  17. Nice booooooom Captain Jack…

  18. Wow. Profit day

  19. awe ONLY 500!!!!!! NO CLAIM!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! hahaha i love ya bro im just giving ya a hard time 😉

  20. Sweet profit session brother

  21. Man u have some very nices wins here lately. Congrats

  22. Congratulations again!!!!!

  23. Jack sent us some of your luck, please!!! Also pray for us to win big too.

  24. I hate NC lottery scratch off tickets, I have spent this evening $200.00 & I won only $80.00. Worse tickets to play is $10.00 are Jumbo Bucks, I bought 5 off them last tickets from the lottery machine, lost all of them, no winner, what a cheat. Even new $10.00 scratch off tickets are called $1,000.000 Back Scratch bought four last tickets from machine, only 1 ticket, $ 15.00, what a lost. NC lottery are pathetic, I wish I lived in another States, PA scratch off tickets good to win, so is Texas, so is Missouri because I watch few people from other States, like Yany Money, Millionare Book Sratcher, ARPLATINUM, Captain Cardsworth & few more, I watch their lottery scratch off play every day, they win most off the time, but in NC & Florida is worse States to play lottery. No matter which tickets I buy, or my son buys, we never won more then $ 100.00 just few times in 6 months that is it, what a loser. I go buy my tickets from different stores, different Exxon Gas Station, Food Lion, Lowes Foods, Sheetz Gas Station, even from Speedway Gas Station, different Food Lion Super-Market, nothing, what is going on with NC Scratch off tickets, I don't get it, what kind of cheat is this, it is not fair, we buy 4,5 sometimes 6 tickets in a row, nothing we win, unbelievable. If I lived next to PA State, I would play PA scratch off tickets because most of the time Jack wins, that is good. Jack you are so lucky, good for you. I even bought new $30.00 ticket it is called $10,000,000 Colossal Cash, bought 6 tickets in a row, I thought maybe last 6 tickets I may win big, only 1 ticket I won $ 30,00 that is it. I am not the only one, my nephew he played $20.00 ticket, spent $100.00 he did not win 1 ticket, what a shame, my sister her son they don't play Scratch off tickets anymore. Many people are disappointed in State of NC scratch off tickets, I heard it in Gas Station. Does anyone from other States, do you people win most of the time in your States?

  25. Excellent win Jack!


  27. Wow!!!! Awesome Win!!! Congrats!!!


  29. Nice win Jack

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