My Biggest Pot And Biggest Win Ever! All On LATB! — Poker Vlog Ep 43

My Biggest Pot And Biggest Win Ever! All On LATB! — Poker Vlog Ep 43

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  1. Congratulations to the winners of our 2x $109 token raffle: BingoJanne & katetra. As a reminder, the $200k GTD Heavyweight is running this Sunday (19th) at 2 ET PM (8 PM CET) — all the best and we hope you ship it!

  2. Destin is a fucking whale

  3. The way you talk about your hands you seem tight…… get you to fold a full house? If you have a full house, and you're beat, you're beat…. you never fold a full house unless the guy raised huge preflop and 3 aces come out or some shit… even then you still have to bet and hope no quads..

    I can't think of any reason in that situation to fold 3's full of 7's, that's nuts. (I mean insane)

  4. Congratulations Brad!

  5. Intro is so badass — fearless

  6. Awesome video man! Great to see you rake in so much! Keep it up man!

  7. Good Job !

  8. But on the inside I be like ahaha

  9. Why does it look like you always have a dip of chew in your mouth. I like your videos

  10. You’re funny man . Had some good laughs in there

  11. Hi brad I was wondering what software you use to edit your vlogs

  12. Omg, you had me rolling on the bbq and dustin! Thanks for another great vid!

  13. Brad I just rewatched this vlog for no reason other than it was on a list of videos below something else I was watching and I just wanna day A- great session but more importantly B- it was hilarious when you stacked Destin and you did his song/dance combo. I literally LOLd

  14. ha it's like you knew he had aces

  15. are u canadian?

  16. 5100 ? That’s the most? On live at the bike or whatever. Weak as fuck. There’s literally bigger house games here down there street from me in West Texas.

  17. Hello from Australia, Good video bro! Heaps funny when you took out destin!

  18. At least he plays much better than andrew neeme

  19. Hahahahahahahahaha !

  20. wow, most hands that people are playing are garbage Jamie Gold hands

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  22. if you like poker you should get the new app pokerrrr 2 join our club j4xpt meet lots of new people and play live poker today

  23. @8:20 lol

  24. One of my fav vlogs! This was hilarious!
    Earned my sub and like sir

  25. Brad getting that money!!

  26. You pwned Destin. Awesome. What a douchebag. He opted for running it once when he knew he was behind. Absolutely horrible. If you know you're behind, you should run it twice. If you're ahead, just run it once.

  27. "I heard hes just a really humble guy" hahaha then clip shows him being a fucktard. I hope that Destin guy lost his whole stack. His name sounds like diaper rash cream.

  28. worst player ever

  29. Oh Brad, you killed me with the Destin celebration hahahaha

  30. the editing after you said hes a humble guy LOOOL props for htat

  31. Awsome

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