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My BIGGEST score yet! Had a SICK run in this one. Filled with some huge bluffs and a few big coolers too! Definitely went on a sun run here, but you need to sun run to win these things! Thanks everyone for all the support lately. It’s been overwhelming! Enjoy!
My name is Travis Darroch aka DramaticDegen aka DD! I’ve been playing professionally off and on for 4 years, with 2019 being my best year ever professionally. I stream at least 4 days a week on Twitch, grinding midstakes and highstakes poker on partypoker, Pokerstars, 888Poker, Americas Cardroom, and Natural8.


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  1. Goosebumps at the end there

  2. so happy for you +++

  3. Congrats wow !! U deserve it unplayed right

  4. Nice to see someone win where it actually means a lot, enjoy it man.

  5. fuck yeah bud!!, super happy for you Travis, congrats from NZ…

  6. Wow good job buddy. U going to spend 3 grand on smp? Get a hair tattoo? Lol.

  7. Most undeserved winner in awhile. Dramatic Degen, All in pav, Buehlero, and IrEGption, all streamed on twitch around the same timezone and became friends naturally because all 4 of them are cocky, arrogant punks. They all have shitty attitudes and think they are above the world, and overestimate their poker ability. They are all rotten people, and mediocre poker players. In 5 yrs they will all move on to other things to do with their lives.

  8. I don't know what to say man, congratulations from all of my hart. I started watching your twitch channel 3 or 4 years ago, you were awful at poker hahahah, I remember that you went broke and returned to your job.
    But now, fuck, great inspiration ;).

    Keep on crushing!

  9. Congrats man I won da scatty 2 for da $215 but didn’t make it. U keep pushin ima do da same…. love

  10. Many Congrats! Look forward to seeing you on the tables. Great spin up after your late arrival to Day Two! (SHIVA on PartyPoker)

  11. congrats rookie! Some very nice plays and bluffs, you goth balls dude, gg

  12. Seeing how much this meant to you was great well done man.

  13. Congrats dude! Big big score! GG

  14. Well done mate.

  15. Congrats bro! this is fkng amazing! wish u best ! GG GL

  16. Big congrats, be sure to be careful with the money, you are young, make sure you keep 100k$ locked up for later in life.

  17. Suck out every single hand omg

  18. GG dude, well deserved !

  19. Congrats DD! Well deserved

  20. do not play it all away
    Great game gratzzzz

  21. DD love it man all the best from Scotland keep it up bro

  22. congratulations men, good game

  23. Congrats dude

  24. FUCK YEAH DD!!

  25. Congrats man!

  26. The dude complaining about party poker pros running good, did he delete his comment?

  27. That is absolutely fantastic. So I recently got on to your channel on YouTube, and the second or third video I saw was "I'm taking a break from poker" video and then I saw the rest of your stuff and I was really rooting for you man. This is an insane win, I hope being broke taught you money management. Have an awesome life.

  28. Congrats DD

  29. Congrats man, please don't gamble it away and buy your Dad something really nice!

  30. Congrats

  31. Good work man… you deserve it

  32. GG Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  33. Lucky fish

  34. I liked the vid when you rubbed your head after that bluff because for me the huge bluff win in nl induces so much more adrenaline than hitting quads

  35. Wow. Gl bro. Well done.

  36. Play it safe brother!

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