My Issues With Fortuna (Warframe)

My Issues With Fortuna (Warframe)

[ad_1] A bit of a rant, but I just want sustainable content in this game. I might delete this, but this is how I feel.

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  1. And that is wy I don't get to like warframes open worlds (The daily caps ruin the experience)

  2. Since I'm still new…I'm not even gonna get to that part yet lol…

  3. its just a copy/paste of plains.
    finished it in a week or two and then the content drought is back.
    whats the point of an open world if there is nothing to do?

  4. They've been working on this for like a year if and what we got barely amounts to a week, week and a half dependong on your Mr.

    Part 2 should've droped like 2 week into the fortuna imo.

    If it takes them solong to drop more content then they should investigate if this is worth the development time.

  5. Well its pretty much the same stuff you do everywhere else. Ther is nothing really new. That may change a bit but i dont think it will.

  6. Welp im on ps4. Its gonna be release soon but my expectations for fortuna are low.
    More like Cetus 2

  7. I've been out on Fortuna probably about 10 times or less and I've and I've jutlat hit Cove standing. Idk why they added ticker into the game but I mean whatever. Liertally rewarded for not playing the game

  8. I totally agree with you bro
    I really don't like those "DE worshipers" and I hope they don't spread hate in this comment section

  9. Dun worry its coming out on 10 December on utc

  10. Yeah queensbreaker is fucked that and sleeper has ruined gambit for me.

  11. Im on Console lost hype for this after week 1 of PC release. Your completely right, part 2 does look interesting but it's gonna be ages before that ever hits console as well.

  12. warframe's true endgame is getting Tavier Corsair's gyph

  13. you're so right, with the ammount of resources i had ive never once grinded for rep, i maxed everything with ticker, takes like a minute each day and i had nothing else to do, I knew about garuda being locked behind maxing rep so i never bothered farming for her, when i did hit max rank literally garuda dropped for me in 3 tries, all parts same run, after that nothing else to do although farming toroids made me wanna eat my brains out , especially being a solo player.
    Floof hunting is fun though, but i have all the floofs so im done all i can do now is wait

  14. I find annoying the rock farming in eidolon to excesive

  15. And don't forget a giant spider that slaughters you immediately and you can't touch it with nothing……

  16. I'm on console and the hype died for me for fortuna about 2 weeks ago I've seen most of the content on YouTube already. And now We're gonna have to wait several more weeks after pc for part 2.


  18. I find it yo stupid that the medium spiders dont drop anything!! Absolutly nothing! They are not easy to kill, doo a lot of dmg, and that greed faker that got few shields and armour that gous invisible does not drop crap!!!! Whyyyyyyy????

  19. A Month later & no Spider boss. .we "all" thot it was garented on release.

  20. Fortuna is POE 2.0 after the grind your done and not going back.

    We need a core gamemodes(defense,survival,etc) update, all the core gamemodes needs freshened up, work on some new ones.

  21. That roast of Destiny 2 and the players it caters to…spot on! I play both games btw, but a spade is a spade.

  22. The grind for the fish and mining parts to build the new clan weapons as well as kit guns is kind of annoying. Especially the number of fish parts you need.

  23. "You already know who I am" I do? I did not know that about myself

  24. Hey aweblade, are you gonna stream Anthem or The Division 2 when they drop?

  25. Fieldron blueprints are in dojo too less time waiting if you get them there.

  26. and try Bl2 this game is grindy and can fill a lot of time

  27. I fell u pain, since fortuna i just buy a moa, a board, make garuda and the battacor, now just farm kuva everyday. :p

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