Mystical Unicorn/Big win, Super win, and Mega Big Win !

Mystical Unicorn/Big win, Super win, and Mega Big Win !

[ad_1] A fun vid on my favorite. Didn’t bet 1.50 like last time because I only do that when I’m ahead a few 100.
Best of luck to all! Please comment, like, and subscribe! [ad_2]

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  1. Bammmmm! Line hit really crushed it!

  2. Sweet

  3. Nice wins. Glad you were able to get a Mega win in one of those.

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  5. Awesome!!  WTG Craig!!  What a difference a day makes lol!

  6. Very nice wins!!!, me and you having been hitting it off with these machines LOL, might have some kind of VS on our hands here. I will be going back to my local place in new years , so i will see what i can try to play and go from there.

  7. "Warming Up" lol! BAM!! Good job my friend!

  8. That's how you do it! Awesome sauce! Congrats!!

  9. definitely my favorite G+ Deluxe machine. The unicorns haven't been to nice to me lately but I've had some decent wins in the past. I always play at least once if I happen to see one while walking by!

  10. Very nice!

  11. Got eeeeem

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