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NAME CHANGE For Andrade Cien Almas + Big Win Over Rey Mysterio!

NAME CHANGE For Andrade Cien Almas + Big Win Over Rey Mysterio!

Andrade Cien Almas is now just «Andrade» in the latest example of WWE being allergic to longer names. More importantly, he tore the house down on Smackdown last week against Rey Mysterio. Solomonster pitches an idea for a big blowoff between the two at Wrestlemania.

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38 комментариев

  1. That middle name “Cien” was a great addition to his name! 100! Sorry I just can’t go with Andrade, maybe they’ll give the name back like they did for Apollo Crews

  2. Cien Almas rolls off the tongue

  3. I thought the match between went Andrade and Rey Mysterio went on too long and I found it of kinda boring. I personally don’t see what’s so special about Andrade. I skipped through most of the match.

  4. If i would take a wild guess, i would suspect it's because while there is nothing wrong with using his full name, it's still a mouthful to say.

  5. WWE should relase him

  6. This thumbnail makes me want a Rusev and Cien Almas Tag Team!!

  7. Andrade go to aew wrestling

  8. He right wwe is nothing

  9. Don't stop calling him that! Andrade Cien Almas sounds much better than plain, ordinary Andrade.

  10. They doing to much

  11. Wwe is stupid

  12. To be fair everyone mispronounces Nakamura's name to the point where the mispronunciation is the norm

  13. Changing Dijak to Dijakovic is a really odd decision.

  14. Its Rush not Roosh.

    Mexico says it Roosh because of the accent

  15. It is better than El proyectos de futuros!!!!

  16. If it's not a main roster creation then they like to put their own stamp on it

  17. Vince: Andrade Cena Almonds? Nope, too hard to pronounce. Shorten the name.

  18. It might be temporary like Apollo crews

  19. Very solid points!!!!


  21. I'm mexican and everytime I said Andrade Cien Almas, my friends thought it was a stupid name.
    Andrade El Ídolo would be better

  22. bruh he said its gonna be a banger im weak lmao

  23. This should've been the main event… boo to that!

    Edit: Also, I have a speech impediment and never had a problem pronouncing his name. I can't roll my Rs, though. My tongue is too big

  24. if adradae cien almas is a hard name to pronounce maybe you have more to worry about than watching wrestling

  25. wwe has a odd boner for surnames…..

  26. Dave navarro is killing it in WWE


  28. I agree with you 100%, marketing my ass, if that was the case then everyone would be known by one single word name.

  29. WWE

    Ensuring no one get's over

  30. I just don't understand why they bother giving or keeping them long complicated names if they were gonna changed it in the first place

  31. Nah. I think it's just for the time being that they're pushing Andrade. Then they're going to go back to making him seem irrelevant as usual. This is WWE we're talking about where Vince McMahon is more fickle than any fan because his ideas are unseemly.

  32. If it ain't broke dont fix it

  33. SMH simply stupid the name change not the match.

  34. Terrible match. Rey deserved much better

  35. Almas wins the rumble

  36. I’ve noticed over the last few years that having your name shortened basically means mid card for life. So probably not the best thing to hear for his career in WWE

  37. I could see Almas losing a hair vs Mask match and then he brings back the la Sombra mask while his hair grows back to continue the feud with Rey

  38. Andrade Cien Almas is something special that guy has such a unique move set bro, holy shit

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