Napalm Grenades | Warframe

Napalm Grenades | Warframe

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  1. No, it doesn't work with tether grenades. At all. You literally can not equip them both at the same time.

  2. Nothing screams honourable space ninjas more than war crimes

  3. Napalm sticks to grineer

  4. It's a like a worse Nightwatch Napalm

  5. Fuck you i was trying to supress that shit..
    and i might be a weirdo but im a weirdo with a 150% crit chance on a riven so frick you shy

  6. Using the Penta instead of just using the Zarr smh

  7. I've deleted Penta around 3-4 times now but seeing this now says I have a reason to go back a 5th time

  8. Tonkor flashbacks

  9. Nidus's spaghetti plus penta?

  10. Napalm grenades +30 base status chance
    hitler wants to know your location

  11. About as useful as Nightwatch Napalm on the Ogris.

  12. Laughs in +200% crit dmg and chance riven

  13. So it's the torid but fire instead.

  14. I kinda like these short videos. I get to watch a full Quite Shallow video in the timespan it takes me to shatter my toilet with a rock hard turd traveling at 300 meters per second

  15. WTB

  16. Now I remember the time when I was a kid I had to fart. It wasn't just a fart.

  17. So, I guess I AM a quedtionable human being

  18. What is that Inaros build

  19. Just wierdo? Ok Nice, what have you done to our Shy?

  20. So take nightwatch napalm and apply it to penta, and also make it better in nearly every way(mostly).

  21. Not sure why it's for penta instead of ol'reliable Tonkor. Napalm clearly fits Grineer weapon a lot better(since they literally have an unit called Napalm).

  22. I love the penta, because my riven gives it bullshit crit and a x8 multiplier.

  23. quiet shy looks like a producer for team sesh

  24. Currently, this mod doesn't work with Tether Grenades, yet it does work with Adhesive Blast, which causes the grenades to not explode on contact, and instead explode on a timer. This makes no sense, and I've written a forum post to hopefully get this changed:

  25. But can you beat my 7k fire javlok? UwU

  26. Oh cool, a Penta mod that will clearly kill me if I so much as use it for close combat with Grineer.

    Might as well do some trickshots with it.

  27. panta works really well with mag 2 skill

  28. Well, I'm one of those weirdoes. It's not I like being human anyway.

  29. Self-damage. Because murdering the player for using 4m AoE is necessary in a game with 50m+ AoE.

  30. Doesn’t Ogris have this exact same mod?

  31. i play limbo, of course i like the penta

  32. Um I use secure penta all the time but tether grenades is the best

  33. The MIGHTY SEER has larger explosions


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